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Smart CAPEX explained

Increased CAPEX is the number-one issue facing mobile operators who use disconnected tools to plan, test and deploy their networks. It slows down the deployment of new 5G sites and impacts operators' revenues.

But what if you could:

  • Visualize and predict Revenue, Churn and QoE on a map
  • Accelerate investment decisions with AL/ML
  • Locate infrastructure for optimal TCO and ROI

In this video we explain how our Smart CAPEX solution enables you to intelligently automate your design and investment processes.  Using the latest AI/ML to combine and analyze network and business data, Smart CAPEX lets you to expand your focus to business KPIs like QoE, revenue, churn and ultimately ROI, not just technical KPIs like coverage and throughput.

See Smart CAPEX lets you:

  • Prioritize business metrics such as Revenue, Churn, QoE and Time to Congestion
  • Visualize detail in geospatial heatmaps

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