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Ativa™ Automated Operations

How can operators and enterprises eliminate repetitive manual tasks, accelerate time-to-resolve, enhance predictive accuracy and reduce OPEX with flexible, configurable AI/ML-powered automated operations? 

Infovista Ativa™ Automated Ops reduces time, effort and cost for network and service operations by unlocking automation use cases that span multiple applications. It provides workflow, process and analytics automation with AIOps capabilities that are shared across each of the Ativa applications, with the flexibility to interoperate with external systems for broad use case applicability. 

In this datasheet, we explain how Infovista Ativa Automated Ops incorporates advanced analytics and automation capabilities, coupled with a flexible, easy to configure workflow automation engine, to enable you to accelerate your automation journey by reducing the need for complex, case-by-case integration projects and highly specialist data science expertise.   

Part of the cloud-native Ativa suite for Automated Assurance and Operations, the Ativa Automated Ops module enables you to: 

  • Leverage AIOps-powered automation capabilities including cross-domain and cross-application workflow, process and analytics automation of network and service operations 
  • Unlock cross-domain and cross-phase Network Lifecycle Automation use cases such as 360° Assurance and Smart CAPEX 

To find out more about Infovista Ativa Automated Ops, please download the datasheet