• Maximizing the value of legacy, NFV- and SDN-based fixed and mobile services for CSPs
  • Leading CE 2.0 performance assurance based on MEF best practices
  • Assuring network service performance across all fixed and mobile network domains and layers
  • Delivering best-in-class scale and flexibility for large enterprise infrastructure performance assurance


Product at a Glance

VistaInsight is a pre-built service assurance solution that provides the benefits of off-the-shelf software, while enabling rapid configuration and tailoring to meet the unique needs of communications service providers (CSPs) and sophisticated large enterprises. Built upon InfoVista’s scale-as-you-grow, distributed collection and reporting, organizations are empowered to monitor the performance of their data center infrastructure, network layers and domains, and physical and virtual components. VistaInsight delivers usage and forecasting to engineering, enables service exception alerts for operations, and manages and demonstrates SLAs for both internal stakeholders and end customers all through a web-based portal.


VistaInsight provides CSPs with the ability to rapidly support new revenue-generating services by offering:

  • Unified performance monitoring of all CSP (fixed and mobile) network domains and layers
  • Premium and standard SLA reporting for customers with business calendaring
  • MEF performance monitoring best practices for Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services
  • Capacity reporting, trending, base-lining and forecasting
  • Operations support and workflows, troubleshooting, on-demand polling and real-time reports
  • Proactive and predictive service impact alerts
  • Self-service dash-boarding and analytics for both operations and end customers
  • Optional application-aware network performance intelligence (usage and QoE)

VistaInsight provides enterprises with fully integrated network, infrastructure and application visibility that: 

  • Shrinks mean-time-to-locate performance problems while drastically reducing MTTR
  • Empowers ICT with proactive, end-to-end performance management of their network and application infrastructure to detect issues before end users
  • Integrates application layer performance visibility with the underlying resource infrastructure
  • Provides an embedded service model that places resource metrics into business context
  • Makes performance intelligence accessible to all stakeholders with built-in collaboration that encourages cross-silo and cross-business communication

Key Features

Service-centric modeling

VistaInsight provides the service-centric approach that delivers top-down, actionable visibility from the service to the underlying usage, infrastructure and end-to-end KPIs. The solution provides proactive analysis and pre-emptive alerting that maps customers to service levels for network and IT resources.

SSO, web-based reporting

VistaInsight is accessed via a web-based portal. With configurable reporting templates and roles, the portal can be tailored to meet the functional needs of each end user. Coupled with built-in SSO, it is easily integrated into larger portal projects or federated authentication systems.

Built for multi-tenancy

While supporting multiple customers/tenants, VistaInsight ensures that each customer only views their own services and data. Handling multiple VRFs, overlapping IP addressing and maintaining full separation of multi-customer data from initial collection through to display, multiple customers get a tailored view of their service performance.

Self-service reporting

With Vista360 technology, users get graphical views, maps, and collaborative dashboards that can be easily generated to display services, associated resources and KPIs, including the ability for users to set custom thresholds.

Maximum scale

With decades of experience in Tier 1 CSP networks, VistaInsight supports tens of thousands of data samples per second across tens of thousands of elements on low-cost, virtualized Intel-based Linux systems. Coupled with distributed data collectors, VistaInsight can scale from a thousand to tens of thousands of devices.

Use Cases

Business services SLA and customer reporting

CSPs need a solution that helps them to proactively manage SLAs and demonstrate their service's performance in real-time, on-demand through a self-service, web-based portal. From IP VPNs to the latest in Carrier Ethernet services, CSPs can provide all of the visibility and proactive management their internal stakeholders need while delivering engaging, differentiated and value-added insight to their enterprise customers with end-to-end performance, events, forecasting and optional application-aware features.

Wholesale E-Access

Carrier Ethernet services have been dominating service revenues for both retail and carrier-to-carrier services. Whether providing off-net access, mobile backhaul or even transit services, the SLA requirements are often complex and varied from carrier to carrier. VistaInsight provides the level of service reporting and performance management required by leading CSPs plus embedded industry best practices, such as MEF SOAM PM, so the provider can both adopt the standards, yet deal with the nuances of each customer to secure the business and meet SLAs.

Multi-Layer Mobile Backhaul Performance Assurance

Efficiently monitor complex network topologies with our multi-layer technology support, including optical, microwave, TDM/SDH, ATM, Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS physical and logical instances (such as EVCs and pseudowires), accelerating the detection and diagnosis of QoS problems across all mobile backhaul layers. 

Unified Network Performance Management Solution for Fixed and Mobile CSPs

Consolidate all your existing network performance management tools into one multi-technology and multi-vendor unified system. Service quality, operations and engineering teams can see all networks domains (Mobile Access, Broadband Access, Backhaul, Transmission, Core and Datacenter) and their relevant performance data in a single plane of glass, thus accelerating the diagnosis of service problems even in complex cross-domain scenarios. 

Data center performance management

With a combination of both network- and server-based resource templates supporting cloud-enabled, data center infrastructure, VistaInsight provides the proactive management necessary to support virtual machines, hosts, storage, switches and security gear to optimize ICT's operational efficiency and maximize business productivity across single or multiple distributed data centers.