Infovista Improves Network Planning and Optimization with VistaInsight for Planet

Astrid Wastegård
Nov. 19 2013

By Astrid Wastegard, Product Marketing Manager, Infovista

Mobile data is on the rise, with experts predicting that it will increase 13-fold by 2017. This means effective network planning and design and network optimization will be an essential part of mobile operators' success. And yet, it is still quite common for their teams to rely on data that was collected, weeks or even months before these processes actually get underway. The result? A poorly planned network based on outdated information that may not stand up to current or future capacity demands.

With this in mind, Infovista launched VistaInsight for Planet, a new product that combines the domain knowledge and strength of VistaInsight for Networks and Mentum Planet to automatically supply real-time network performance data directly into the network planning and optimization solution.

Because of this, RF engineers can utilize multi-vendor key performance indicators (KPIs), live traffic loads and cell loads from within Mentum Planet to proactively ensure their network planning and network optimization efforts fulfill technical as well as CAPEX and OPEX requirements. And, with the live multi-vendor network performance data provided by VistaInsight for Planet, RF engineers have new details about their mobile networks at various times of the day or week, as well as during special events. With this granular visibility, mobile operators can better plan and optimize their networks to ensure a high quality of experience (QoE) for end users and reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

By itself, VistaInsight for Networks provides communications service providers (CSPs), particularly mobile operators, and IT-intensive enterprise organizations with actionable service performance visibility to improve their network and application performance management. In conjunction with Mentum Planet's 3D modeling capabilities, mobile operators' network planning and optimization departments are granted the greatest accuracy and granularity possible to enhance their network planning and network optimization processes. And, because appropriate traffic and cell load information is automatically collected, RF engineers can gain a new level of accuracy in the network planning. They can also avoid the tedious task of manual data collection, thus improving their overall efficiency.

For more information on our newest product, I encourage you to visit our website. Also, if you're planning to attend Mobile Network Optimisation in Amsterdam or LTE North America in Texas this week please come by Infovista's stands at the exhibitions at either industry conference. You can make on-site appointments with Infovista at the industry conferences by emailing [email protected]

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