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Vista Experience | Call trace data and optimization

Automated RAN diagnosis and optimization

Vista Experience is a modern solution for automated subscriber-orientated quality monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization. Relying on millions of subscriber-centric events from call trace data collected across any multi-vendor mobile network. Its geolocation capabilities enable rich geospatial performance and customer experience insights, and enable automated troubleshooting and optimization workflows.

By streamlining daily troubleshooting of legacy technologies, Vista Experience brings significant gains in efficiency and productivity, allowing mobile operators and vendors to free up their most skilled engineers to focus on new 5G challenges.

Key benefits

Get unique insights through geolocation intelligence

Get unique insights through geolocation intelligence

Powered by a patented 3D geo-analytics engine, Vista Experience provides you with unique insights into your subscribers’ behavior, such as traffic localization or live 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G coverage maps that can be leveraged throughout the network lifecycle. From a high-level view of the network performance to detailed subscriber-specific KPI trends, you gain immediate insights into the quality of your network and can visualize network experience as perceived by your customers.

Gain network visibility with subscriber analytics

Gain network visibility with subscriber analytics

By correlating, aggregating and geolocating millions of subscriber-centric data events 24/7 across multi-vendor networks, Vista Experience provides you with a clearer understanding of the true subscriber experience and which customers are impacted by recurring network issues, allowing you to mitigate quality degradation and resolve issues before complaints arise.

Streamline your optimization processes

Streamline your optimization processes

Vista Experience dramatically increases your network optimization efficiency with an accurate and consolidated view of your network’s status, subscriber locations and their service-related issues, along with advanced built-in optimization analytics and root-cause analyses.

Enabling Cloud-native OSS Evolution

Enable cloud-native OSS evolution

Vista Experience is based on a cloud-native architecture using the most advanced big data and analytics technologies that deliver scalability and elasticity for small to very large networks, high performance, reduced TCO, and highly simplified deployment and maintenance procedures.

Integrated optimization and design

Enjoy integrated optimization and design

Seamless interoperability between optimization processes and other engineering activities such as network design processes is key to enable automation and efficiency. Vista Experience enriches key use cases such 5G planning, small cell introduction or capacity expansion. The ability to leverage live coverage and traffic maps opens a wide range of new possibilities that makes your RF planning and optimization more efficient and brings significant gains in time-to-market.

Satisfy your most valuable subscribers

Satisfy your most valuable subscribers

Vista Experience helps you to protect high-value mobile revenues by maintaining service quality for enterprise and VIP customers. Its advanced optimization capabilities combine automation, subscriber intelligence, network insights and service assurance practices to reduce subscriber churn, CAPEX and OPEX.

Use cases & features

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Automated troubleshooting and optimization

Through many years of experience and expertise in the extraction and management of multi-vendor network and call traces data, we’ve developed a leading solution with fully assisted RF diagnosis and optimization capabilities.

Leveraging advanced machine learning and AI techniques for high-accuracy calls, geolocation, automated root cause analysis, recommendations and network optimization, you can visualize, track and analyze network performance at the region, cell, device, subscriber and call-event level.

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Geolocation intelligence – visibility for the right actions

Thanks to its highly accurate 3D geolocation algorithm, Vista Experience unleashes the possibility to access and visualize the actual subscribers’ experience enriched with unmatched location awareness.

Correlating indoor and outdoor subscriber location information with network performance, Vista Experience allows you to identify areas with RF issues, analyze traffic/hotspots and troubleshoot solutions.

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Gain network insights down to subscriber and device-level

Customer experience can be evaluated and analyzed against the performance of the network or specific mobile devices. The high level of granularity enables engineers to analyze individual calls and cells, and address issues that are affecting your most valuable users, allowing you to protect high-value mobile revenues by maintaining service quality for enterprise or VIP customers.