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RAN Optimization

Troubleshoot and optimize RAN to measurably boost productivity

Automate daily manual tasks

5G brings unprecedented complexity to mobile network deployment and management but does nothing to relieve the burden of maintaining existing 2G, 3G and 4G network layers.

How can mobile operators and vendors cope with these new demands on their time and resources? The answer lies with automation, which streamlines daily troubleshooting of legacy technology and frees up your most skilled engineers to focus on the new challenges of 5G.

By automating RAN troubleshooting you can automate your optimization processes for even more significant gains in efficiency and productivity.

Key benefits

Automate insights through geolocation intelligence

Automate insights through geolocation intelligence

Powerful 3D geo-analytics engines provide unique insights into your subscribers’ behavior, such as traffic localization or live 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G coverage maps to view throughout the network lifecycle.

Gain network visibility with subscriber analytics

Gain network visibility with subscriber analytics

Know which subscribers experience recurring network issues in a specific area by correlating, aggregating and geolocating millions of subscriber-centric data events. Resolve issues before complaints arise.

Streamline your optimization processes

Streamline your optimization processes

Dramatically increase optimization efficiency with an accurate view of your network’s status, subscriber locations and their service-related issues, along with advanced built-in optimization analytics and root-cause analyses.

Satisfy your most valuable customers

Satisfy your most valuable customers

Protect high-value mobile revenues by maintaining service quality for enterprise and VIP customers. Use advanced optimization capabilities, combined with subscriber intelligence, network insights and service assurance practices to reduce subscriber churn, CAPEX and OPEX.

Integrated optimization and design

Integrated optimization and design

Interoperability of the optimization processes with other engineering activities is key to enable automation and efficiency. In particular, integration with the network design processes results in significant gains in time-to-market and productivity.

How we help

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Vendor-agnostic, with high levels of expertise

Leveraging 25 years of expertise and successful developments in the RAN domain, our solutions are designed to support multiple vendors, from 2G to 5G, allowing you to standardize all RAN operational procedures across any RAN infrastructure supplier. From planning to RAN operations and optimization, the complexity of managing and maintaining vendor-specific formats and interfaces will disappear when using our automation solutions.

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Enable cloud-native OSS evolution

Our solutions are based on a cloud-native architecture using the latest open sources, Big Data and BI/analytics technologies that deliver scalability for small to very large networks, high performance, reduced TCO, and highly simplified deployment and maintenance procedures. 

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Close the loop between planning and optimization

Seamless interoperability with Planet, Infovista’s RF engineering software, can fuel and drastically improve network planning and radio optimization, enabling more accurate radio design for lower CAPEX and faster resolution of RAN-related issues.

RAN Automation

Leverage data sources with automation across the board

Our solutions are uniquely capable of leveraging multiple data sources from networks, crowdsourcing or devices, and apply automation on data flows, data analytics, tasks/workflows and decisions. They enable extremely fast task execution throughout the network lifecycle to improve productivity, maintain excellent subscriber experience and reduce churn.