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Klerity™ | Service, Application and Customer Experience Assurance

Actionable insights for optimizing customer experience

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Product overview

Network service providers use KLERITY™ to: optimize customer experience; reduce network and service operations system TCO; increase automation; and enable customer-driven decision-making. KLERITY is a real-time customer experience monitoring, analytics, diagnostics and troubleshooting platform combining subscriber, device, application, service and network intelligence. It is vendor-agnostic, cross-domain and can integrate with external systems including network orchestrators through open APIs. 

KLERITY delivers rapid results, with pre-built solution packages supporting a broad set of use cases, including business-critical high-growth scenarios such as: monitoring and assurance of on-demand video and conferencing services; 5G standalone networks; and individual subscribers or segments. KLERITY is powered by a fully cloud-native, containerized platform that can expand alongside your network for optimal system infrastructure costs, and auto-scales for high performance even under rapidly fluctuating workloads.

Key benefits

Cloud-native by design

Decoupled for distributed multi-environment cloud-native deployments

Benefit from KLERITY’s market-leading cloud-native platform architecture. It supports full multi-tenancy for advanced scenarios like enterprise self-service. Its design aligns with key 5G principles such as producer-consumer separation, making KLERITY native to advanced 5G standalone networks. Its highly granular, decoupled containerized microservices architecture significantly reduces the compute and storage workload required to support scenarios such as large-scale application monitoring, introducing new possibilities for advanced use cases such as OTT video assurance. KLERITY can be deployed into any combination of public cloud, private cloud, hybrid and bare metal environments.

Customer-driven operations

Focus on customer-driven operations for a premium experience

Quickly identify the network and service components that have the highest impact on customer experience, with top-down visibility of key quality indicators (KQIs) that reflect the true customer experience, from the entire network right down to the individual subscriber. KLERITY’s real-time correlation of experience data with device, service and network KPIs enables you to prioritize remediation time and effort to deliver the maximum possible positive impact on customer experience in the fastest time possible.

5G rollouts

Accelerate roll-outs of advanced 5G Standalone networks

Gain in-depth visibility of the precise factors contributing to customer experience in highly dynamic, virtualized 5G standalone networks that follow service-based architecture (SBA) principles, even with accelerated regional and national roll-outs. KLERITY’s pre-built solution packages include comprehensive support for correlating, monitoring and troubleshooting 5G SA technologies, interfaces, protocols and distributed cloud infrastructures, providing a path to network slice assurance and closed-loop automation.


Leverage our solution packages for rapid time-to-value

Manage the rapidly growing complexity and diversity of network usage scenarios and technologies to quickly achieve efficiency gains and monetize unique services and revenue streams. KLERITY comes with a catalog of pre-built solution packages, designed to support specific service assurance scenarios, such as OTT video service assurance, user application assurance and monitoring of networks with control and user plane separation (CUPS).

Accelerate ROI

Enable data-driven network investment to accelerate RoI

Plan your network expansion and densification to support anticipated capacity requirements with the customer in mind. Exploit new IoT and enterprise opportunities without compromising existing customers’ expectations. KLERITY introduces intelligence about how customers use your network regionally, and how network resource capacity impacts behavior and quality of experience (QoE). This supports a comprehensive, quantitative approach to optimizing CapEx investment to maximize RoI.

Root-cause analysis

Reduce repair time with comprehensive root-cause analysis in one view

Quickly pinpoint root causes that span multiple domains, even in complex, hybrid networks and even when devices, data-centers and applications are contributing factors. KLERITY enables you to quickly isolate the causes of outages or performance anomalies, with simple drag-and-drop diagnostics tools, including tracing and recording, enabling analysis right down to the individual subscriber or device.

Monetize revenue streams

Monetize enterprise revenue streams at scale with multi-tenancy empowering self-service assurance

Quickly and cost-effectively onboard and assure enterprise services, even when they involve complex commercial arrangements linked to performance SLAs. KLERITY is built from the ground up to be fully cloud-native by design, including platform multi-tenancy for rapid activation of dedicated, secure enterprise self-service portals that reduce operational overhead while providing full transparency and confidence.

Charter Communications prevents downtime to improve QoE

Use cases & features

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5G standalone network and service assurance

5G standalone networks introduce the 5G core to extend the cloud-native service-based architecture (SBA) across the entire end-to-end network, resulting in a significantly more dynamic network, introducing the potential to monetize network slicing at scale.

KLERITY is built with this complexity in mind. It can be deployed across distributed cloud infrastructure alongside a given service to monitor and correlate traffic in real-time across SBA interfaces and protocols. It correlates traffic to bring together traffic across multiple domains to provide visibility from the entire network right down to the individual application, session, device, subscriber and packet, with deep packet analysis providing rich content visibility.

Using mobile services

Subscriber analytics

Measuring quality of experience (QoE), particularly with the advent of 5G, is an increasingly complex task. The performance of network elements alone is only one of multiple factors that contribute to QoE as perceived by the end-user.

KLERITY enables network operators to correlate multiple performance KPIs across network elements, devices and applications, together with perceived QoE across a range of specific services, such as video, voice and broadband. Factors such as roaming, voice over LTE (VoLTE) and cell performance are brought together to provide a holistic perspective of customer experience, together with the tools needed to proactively troubleshoot issues by quickly drilling down to the specific root-cause for resolution.

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End-to-end troubleshooting

Troubleshooting customer-impacting issues increasingly involves analyzing and identifying root-causes within increasingly virtualized fixed and mobile networks.

KLERITY includes a comprehensive set of troubleshooting tools within a single platform. Its intuitive user interface enables: simple access to advanced call tracing; network, call and protocol searching; and deep packet analysis tools including selective recording of content streams in real-time.

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VoLTE, VoWiFi and IMS monitoring

Customers today increasingly depend on reliable connectivity to support critical usage scenarios such as remote working, conferencing and streaming video. While network operators embark on digitalization initiatives resulting in complex hybrid networks, performance degradation and interoperability issues are both increasingly complex to pinpoint, and increasingly critical to avoiding customer churn.

The introduction of voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) is one such example of this, with a single session potentially traversing 30 or more network elements. KLERITY’s powerful correlation engine automatically combines session segments across multiple protocols, domains, interfaces and network elements for full end-to-end visibility.

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OTT-encrypted video monitoring

Over-the-top (OTT) video services such as Netflix and YouTube comprise an ever-increasing proportion of network capacity utilization. Monitoring this traffic and resolving root-causes for issues is a complex task, with content encryption and lack of access to content provider CDNs impacting on the network operator’s ability to identify and resolve the root-causes for OTT video availability and performance issues. KLERITY enables you to: monitor key OTT video providers and CDNs; identify root causes that originate from user devices running iOS or Android; detect specific video issues such as freezing, stalling and buffering; and gain visibility of encrypted content, applications and protocols. All of this can be done in real-time, with pre-defined reports and dashboards with video-specific KPIs that provide a holistic view of video quality of experience (QoE).