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KLERITY™ - Bringing transparency to networks, services and applications

Delivering the benefits of 5G requires the ability to manage massive complexity. 

5G, and in particular its standalone (5G SA) variant, is sparking massive change in network architectures and the surrounding ecosystem. The migration from hardware to a complex nexus of network functions and virtual infrastructures is introducing new levels of risk for service providers and their complex ecosystem of vendors. The ability to efficiently detect and effectively resolve defects and failures across networks, services, devices and applications is critical to mitigating this risk. 

However, traditional monitoring and assurance solutions offer limited visibility into these new software-centric architectures, increasing the likelihood of undetected failures and the erosion of trust within the ecosystem. This is a problem for service providers and their teams who rely on that visibility to reduce churn, reduce operating costs, and improve the quality and performance of their services. 

Meet KLERITY™, the solution framework consisting of a fully containerized library of cloud-native functions and a set of applications that leverage them. KLERITY brings transparency to networks, services, devices, and applications, empowering operations, performance and quality teams to quickly identify service-impacting issues and their true root cause. 

Download this brochure to discover more and learn about KLERITY’s many benefits, including: 

  • Reduction of time-to-market for new 5G and IoT services 
  • Managing the quality and performance of IoT applications 
  • Building trust and strengthening customer satisfaction 
  • Getting to the real root cause faster