VistaInsight | NFV service assurance

Service assurance for hybrid networks and services

Product overview

VistaInsight is a multi-vendor multi-domain service assurance solution that supports your digital transformation by simplifying and automating mobile, fixed and hybrid NFV network and service operations, with a strong focus on supporting your enterprise SLAs for services like SD-WAN and 5G slicing. Through end-to-end service visualization and service modelling, VistaInsight aligns with the state of the network, normalizes multi-vendor KPIs, builds effective service policies and enriches Big Data analytics. VistaInsight diagnoses and automates network and service performance, and reports it in a single pane of glass, giving you continuous control over your service quality in the most efficient way. Based on a highly scalable, open and cloud-ready platform, VistaInsight offers you real-time performance intelligence for your digital transformation needs.

Key benefits

Manage your on-demand enterprise SLAs

Manage your on-demand enterprise SLAs

Differentiate your services, enhance enterprise service quality, automate customer SLA assurance, and minimize SLA violations for your enterprise customers through proactive management and service performance visibility. This can be done in the fixed-network environment, in multi-tenant carrier ethernet and SD-WAN networks, and in a mobile network environment with 5G slicing across all network domains. Facilitate monetization of the network as a service, optimize costs and improve margins through our native multi-tenant support.

Assure performance of multi-vendor SD-WAN networks

Assure performance of multi-vendor SD-WAN networks

Correlate your SD-WAN overlay performance with the performance of the underlay infrastructure to assure your end-to-end SD-WAN service and network, and honor your enterprise SLAs by monitoring them for each site, and each SD-WAN service.

Accelerate and optimize 5G and hybrid NFV network deployment

Accelerate and optimize 5G and hybrid NFV network deployment

Reduce the time from NFV onboarding (design and testing) to operations by managing your multi-vendor VNF performance, VNF capacity optimization and end-to-end service modelling through a single, real-time Service Assurance solution.

Increase operational agility through real-time assurance

Increase operational agility through real-time assurance

Support your NFV service velocity through real-time acquisition, visualization and enrichment of network data, by using REST APIs, telemetry and data flow management to improve operational agility and efficiency.

Assure mobile C-RAN and x-haul performance

Assure mobile C-RAN and x-haul performance

Achieve cross-domain end-to-end visibility of your RAN, C-RAN, Fronthaul, Backhaul, and core network performance in a single pane of glass, to reduce repair time and to increase operational efficiency in 3G/4G/5G mobile networks.

Digital twin-based Unified Service Assurance for mobile networks

Digital twin-based Unified Service Assurance for mobile networks

Simplify your 4G/5G RAN, Core and IP network operations through unified performance and configuration management for sustainable business growth and operational efficiency. Analyze and troubleshoot the performance of your network, services, applications and devices and understand what your customers are experiencing.

Use cases & features

Service Level Agreement

Real-time Enterprise SLA Management

CSPs’ enterprise customers (retail, carrier-to-carrier and 5G slicing) require complete real-time visibility of their business services against the agreed SLAs. VistaInsight hybrid network solutions handle enterprise-specific, complex SLA requirements through proactive SLA management and real-time service performance visibility for each business service. Its real-time view of business services helps to minimize the SLA violations by matching service level objectives to specific network KPIs in real-time.

Paying with phone

Multi-vendor SD-WAN overlay and underlay correlation

Since the configuration of the SD-WAN overlay can impact the infrastructure underlay, and the performance of the underlay can impact the overlay performance, VistaInsight correlates the performance of the overlay with the performance of the underlay for an end to end visibility of the SD-WAN service performance. Infovista Open APIs collect information from the inventory and the SD-WAN controller, Service orchestrator or Edge devices over a Kafka bus to assure multi-vendor overlay/underlay correlations in real-time.

Traffic Optimization

NFV Capacity Optimization

As CSPs onboard Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), some key VNF resource utilization KPIs need to be monitored against the allocation. VistaInsight can help to measure, audit and normalize the KPIs associated with multi-vendor VNF capacity, as well as monitor VNF spin-up/down time, availability, and inter-VNF latency and packet loss. This assures performance continuity as the VNFs move from onboarding to operation.

Many Phones Down

Consolidation of OSS Silos

Multiple OSS entities in the CSP ecosystem can cause significant delays in assuring network and service quality, other than increasing the capex and opex. Through multi-source real-time acquisition of data via telemetry, open APIs and data mediation bus, VistaInsight offers a solution for interoperability, thus breaking down the operational silos, offering performance management across the entire network in a single pane of glass.


Unified and automated performance management of mobile networks

4G and 5G mobile service providers face complex operations because of multiple Service Assurance systems, RAN performance issues and resource planning. VistaInsight’s sister product, VistaInsight Mobile offers end-to-end 4G/5G performance management with capex optimization/analytics, supporting 4G expansions and 5G rollouts. Custom dashboards lead to configuration / performance / faults for each network element for advanced root-cause analysis. Automation of problem-fixing is embedded in the tool for fast time to resolve with minimal or no human effort.