VNF/NFV/SDN Solutions

Assure your services over dynamic and virtualized networks


Infovista’s Service Assurance solution assures your hybrid (physical and virtualized) networks through open and agile ingestion of big data, and a single pane of glass view for your network and service performance. Its advanced customer SLA reporting helps you to differentiate your business services, leading to customer loyalty and creating new business opportunities.

VistaInsight Service Assurance solution offers real-time and dynamic operations for the virtualized network, enabling an agile and competitive service creation environment leading to rapid return on investment. Additionally, you can leverage the power of Ipanema SD-WAN's Application Intelligence+ as a VNF solution (Virtual Network Function) to build your ideal uCPE (universal CPE) platform for enterprise networking services. The Ipanema VNF solution is certified with the largest number of uCPE platforms in the market so you’ll be able to build unique services to augment your customer's digital transformation.

Key Benefits

Real-time NFV management

Manage NFV network and service performance in real-time

For the velocity of service deployment in NFV, you need faster data acquisition from streaming telemetry sources and real-time data processing. Our open APIs, dynamic inventory, telemetry sourcing of data, and policy-driven closed loop can support your real-time performance management needs to derive the maximum business benefits from your virtualized service environment.

Multi-vendor Environment

Manage VNF lifecycle in a multi-vendor environment

Infovista enables the performance visibility and capacity utilization of your multi-vendor VNFs during the onboarding stage, by offering normalized KPIs for a vendor-agnostic and service-centric benchmarking, ensuring a smooth high-performance transition to the NFV operations stage.

Dynamic orchestration

Support dynamic service models to prevent SLA rebates for on-demand services

To build effective service policies and service models, you require perfect synchronization between the network topology and the service models. VistaInsight supports accurate and dynamic service models suited to your customers and services, and prevents SLA breaches by reporting proactively and enabling real-time orchestration of the network/services.

Monetize Big Data

Contextualize and monetize big data through real-time intelligence

VistaInsight can feed your big data lakes in real-time with enriched data such as topology, computed KPIs, alarms, usage and trends, to help you build wider and deeper analytics on the enriched information, which provides you significant, additional business benefits.

Zero-Touch Operations

Support zero-touch operations

Our VistaInsight service assurance platform supports the automation of your operational tasks to support zero-touch operations, by interacting automatically with elements that orchestrate the network as well as the IT infrastructure.

Digital Transformation

Build differentiated uCPE services

The Ipanema VNF is certified across the largest number of uCPE platforms in the market including Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Nuage Networks, netElastic, Adva, OneAccess, Huawei, ZTE, and many more. With Ipanema SD-WAN's Application Intelligence+, you can provide dynamic path selection, dynamic QoS, application visibility, application troubleshooting, and WAN optimization in a single VNF.

How we help

Traffic Optimization

“Given the highly dynamic nature of NFV, there is a need for streaming telemetry and real-time data collection. Data polling will move from a 10-minute cadence to seconds. Infovista has assigned the highest priority to real-time processing and telemetry streaming as part of its platform. Infovista’s solution, built on REST-based Open APIs, can support dynamic inventory and policy-driven closed-loop automation. These are critical features that CSPs need to derive the maximum business benefits as they transition to network virtualization.”

- James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading

SD-WAN for Manufacturing

The Ipanema VNF is certified with more uCPE platforms in the market than any other SD-WAN solution. This currently includes Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Nuage Networks, ZTE, Adva, netElastic, OneAccess, and many more. Service providers worldwide are building new best-of-breed uCPE services using the Ipanema VNF to augment their base platform of choice with Application Intelligence+ micro-services (dynamic path selection, application visibility, application QoE control with dynamic QoS, application troubleshooting, dynamic cloud application database), and WAN optimization all in a single VNF. Enable your enterprise customers digital transformation with our Ipanema SD-WAN VNF solutions incorporated into your managed services.