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Drive digital transformation with application intelligence for the WAN Edge


If you are like 75% of today’s business leaders, then the one hurdle holding back your company’s digital transformation is your network. Ultimately, to become a digital enterprise, SD-WAN solutions are the catalyst to transform your network and increase business agility.

Managing your Hybrid WAN efficiently means you need to understand and control the applications you are migrating to the cloud. It is important to know what applications are running on your network and to ensure the top five applications that your business depends on never slow down or shut off. That’s why you need Ipanema SD-WAN.

Ipanema SD-WAN gives you application intelligence with the visibility and control to monitor and prioritize your applications across the Hybrid WAN. With a highly scalable and secure Hybrid WAN, you can maintain control, maximize user experiences, and reduce bandwidth costs.

Key Benefits


Experience in-depth view to application parameters

To prioritize your mission-critical applications over the right WAN routes, you need a deep view of application usage, bandwidth and traffic via deep packet inspection. Application visibility lets you monitor application usage and performance management, across the global network, right down to the smallest detail, including shadow IT.


Protect your application performance

Our SD-WAN solution’s application control can dynamically adjust network behavior and resources based on exact traffic demand. Your critical applications can perform in the most complex and random traffic situations.


Manage and reduce single-point orchestration complexity

Ipanema SD-WAN lets you manage network security, visibility, and performance all from a single, fully integrated WAN platform. You can securely deploy new applications and increase their adoption, without deploying complex and costly resources


Simplify your hybrid WAN with deployment option flexibility

By leveraging secure direct Internet and cloud performance without additional security devices, Ipanema SD-WAN simplifies your hybrid WAN deployment options. No matter the size, complexity, number, or carrier access type, the provisioning, monitoring and application control over your WAN will scale.


Ensure real-time productivity & cost saving

Real-time collaborative tools and unified communication applications (except ERP, SaaS, etc.) are critical to enterprise productivity. Our Ipanema SD-WAN enhances user experience and application adoption, which boosts overall productivity and cost savings per Mbps (factor of 2 to 4.)

QoE Score

Know how users experience your applications

You have to be certain that your users are having the best application experience on your network. Your SD-WAN solutions should give you that certainty with dynamic QoE measuring and scoring functionality.

What’s new in Ipanema 21.03?

How we help

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Business driven traffic management - prioritizing your business objectives

Our cutting-edge business solution guarantees application availability, in every workload circumstance and network architecture, to maximize your enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction. Our Application Intelligence in Ipanema SD-WAN prioritizes applications and network routes based on your business objectives and intent to deliver and protect the performance of critical applications, protecting your business revenue.


Comprehensive Solution: Go beyond WAN optimization and deliver application intelligence on one platform

Ipanema SD-WAN lets you shape your hybrid WAN network paths to boost bandwidth optimization for mission-critical applications, as well as provide in-depth visibility —usage, traffic and performance - for true application intelligence at the WAN edge. Leverage advanced dynamic QoS control to protect the quality of experience for all users at all sites, all the time.

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Incremental cost savings

Our premier Ipanema SD-WAN solution with Application Intelligence provides you substantial cost savings. Offering in-depth visibility and automated control of mission-critical application management to protect your user experience across your hybrid WAN. By preventing costly performance issues with Ipanema SD-WAN, you can select the right network paths for enterprise applications based on bandwidth and traffic. You get enhanced productivity and cost savings per Mbps.

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Single, integrated VNF certified compatible across uCPE platforms - ease of deployment

Our Ipanema solution allows for interoperability between several vendors around various network functions. This affords you greater flexibility and ease of deployment with the most compatible, certified VNF in the market today. Our SD-WAN solutions allow you to add application visibility, dynamic QoS, application troubleshooting, dynamic path selection, WAN security and WAN Optimization with a single VNF.