Managed Service Providers and Systems Integrators

Accelerating your service revenues with an Application Intelligent SD-WAN


We believe in partnering for success, growth and profitability. Your enterprise customers of all sizes are looking to effectively leverage your partnership in their digital transformation initiatives.

One of the key elements of their digital evolution is the migration of a constantly multiplying set of applications to the cloud. One of the most important needs of your enterprise customers is ensuring the optimum performance of their mission-critical enterprise applications on their hybrid WAN environments. For us, the end goal is the fulfillment of our common customers’ technology needs and requirements to ensure optimum success in their digital transformation. You are an essential and important part of our corporate strategy in achieving this objective.

As managed service providers and system integrators, you know that time-to-market is crucial for successfully delivering the technology needs of your enterprise customers in this fast-paced market. That’s why we make it simple, predictable, and profitable for you, our partners, to do business with us. Ipanema SD-WAN gives you an easy and quick-to-deploy solution that delivers the most comprehensive solution with application intelligence on the market.

Key Benefits

Partner Strategy

Accelerate service revenue potential

Ipanema SD-WAN offers a truly differentiated value to your customers, increasing your access to a wider market reach, with an innovative technology using application intelligence for the WAN Edge to increase your revenue potential.

Business Agility

Agility to serve a rapidly evolving enterprise customer

Your customers are quickly transforming to digital environments. Our Ipanema SD-WAN solution provides the agility you need to match your customers digital journey step-by-step. Ease and simplicity of deployment allow you to reduce your time-to-market to serve your customers when they need it most.

Accelerate Partners

Partner dedicated Go-to-Market strategy

We thoroughly understand and greatly value your role, as our partner, in our success in today’s market environment. Our partner program focuses on you and your needs as managed service providers and system integrators to increase revenue and serve your customers with pre-defined offers and campaigns that work in tandem with our own market activity.

SD-WAN Cloud

Maximum deployment flexibility

Minimize disruption to your customers network with Ipanema SD-WAN while maximizing application intelligence for their business. With a range of appliances and VNF options for uCPE platforms you can choose what makes sense for your customer. Plus, our VNF is certified across the most uCPE platforms in the market

Break away

Breaking the shackles of legacy SD-WAN solutions

Ipanema SD-WAN provides your customers the visibility, QoS, WAN optimization and dynamic WAN selection required to succeed in their digital transformation, driving the best performance from their enterprise applications. Ipanema is the only SD-WAN solution to have the deep application intelligence necessary to deliver a competitive advantage to your customers.

Cloud Integration VNF

Easy integration with your existing hybrid networks and 3rd party VNFs

With Ipanema SD-WAN there’s no need to make any changes to your existing hybrid network deployments - allowing a zero-touch easy and simple deployment. Your customers go on with business as usual, while realizing the rich benefits of having increased business agility, with in-depth application performance intelligence.

Use Cases

Traffic Optimization

Application Intelligence for 3rd Party SD-WAN Solutions

Already have an SD-WAN platform selected for routing functions? Add our Ipanema VNF to enable advanced application intelligence for the WAN edge to your SD-WAN services, or deploy a one-box multi-function appliance as an overlay. Service providers worldwide are building new best-of-breed uCPE-based managed services using the Ipanema VNF to add dynamic path selection, application visibility, dynamic QoS, APM troubleshooting, and WAN optimization to their portfolio.

Mulitple Devices

Application Intelligence for Hybrid WAN

Our advanced solution provides the flexibility of an overlay VNF solution or a one-box multi-function appliance, to deliver advanced application intelligence for the WAN Edge. Your customers can augment their existing routing infrastructure and increase the shelf life of their enterprise infrastructure and drive application performance with Ipanema SD-WAN.

City Aerial

Turnkey SD-WAN with Application Intelligence

Ipanema SD-WAN provides your customers with the most advanced end-to-end cloud orchestrated SD-WAN, via a comprehensive multi- function WAN Edge VNF or via a one-box multi-function appliance. This solution will accelerate your time to market, while providing ease of deployment, integration with 3rd party VNFs, ease of management and most importantly, significantly reduced costs. Deliver the a complete managed SD-WAN service with application intelligence built-in.