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Product overview

Ipanema SD-WAN Application Visibility and Control deliver s unprecedented application performance across the entire network edge, ensuring business continuity. Offering increased agility, our cost-flexible solution is the only SD-WAN with application intelligence that can transform your unpredictable network into a great user experience that helps you scale as your business grows. With users continuing to disperse away from central hubs, its cloud migration capabilities also mean you can easily secure the Extended Edge.

By defining the quality of experience (QoE) you want for your business-critical apps, Ipanema controls each user session automatically and dynamically, regardless of network conditions. Unlike other SD-WAN solutions, Ipanema uses true end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS), independent of your underlying network, to deliver high performance for every user, at every location, every time.

When your application performance is aligned to your business objectives, users can maximize their productivity and enjoy greater satisfaction from digital transformation without contacting the help desk.

Key benefits

Ensure consistent & reliable application performance

Ensure consistent and reliable application performance

Ipanema SD-WAN delivers your ideal quality of experience by automatically and dynamically adjusting all application traffic flows based on real-time network conditions on all your network links. Your users experience the performance and QoE they expect, even during peak traffic congestion, for every critical application.

Accelerate your cloud migration

Deliver the promise of the cloud

Ipanema delivers the visibility, performance management, and dynamic path selection you need to migrate your apps to the cloud and multi-cloud. Using intuitive dashboards that show your user experience and pinpoint any network trouble areas, Ipanema SD-WAN can help propel your cloud migration forward.

Reduce your IT support costs

Reduce IT support and networking costs

Rich dashboards and drill-downs let your help desk quickly resolve application performance problems at the session level, so your users don’t lose valuable productivity. Ipanema allows you to leverage multiple WAN links in real-time, maximizing user experience and reducing support calls while reducing overall network spend.

Improve your operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency and employee productivity

When your applications perform consistently, your users’ productivity improves and your overall business efficiency increases dramatically. Ipanema delivers a great user experience and QoE to ensure business operations perform consistently and reliably, regardless of network conditions. Now, applications just work, maximizing your employees’ productivity so they drive revenue, not costs.

Build digital transformation that works

Build digital transformation that works

Ipanema SD-WAN’s capacity to identify thousands of applications automatically allows you to focus on the process of digital transformation without worrying about reliable execution. Your users quickly realize the benefits of apps, like unified communications and collaboration, without lengthy deployment schedules.


SD-WAN delivered your way, physical or virtual, your choice

Deploy Ipanema with physical appliances, or by virtual network function (VNF). By using our VNF, you can build your own universal CPE (uCPE) or virtual CPE (vCPE). With the most compatible VNF in the market, take your choice of service provider to manage your Ipanema deployment that best suits your needs.

What’s new in Ipanema 21.03?

Features & use cases

Traffic Optimization

Application Intelligence+

Ipanema SD-WAN uses a multi-layered software-based scalable and modular architecture to help enterprises meet their business objectives to ensure digital customer experience, increase business agility and productivity, and maximize profitability. Application Intelligence+ ensures digital customer experience, increases business agility and productivity, and maximizes your profitability.

See How It Works:

Application Intelligence+ >

Analytics Dashboard 1

Application Visibility

Know your network by understanding what applications are running on it. See which applications your users depend on to run your business and whether they meet your user experience objectives. Dashboards and reports provide a full understanding of application usage and performance across your network down to the smallest details.

Use Case:

Optimize IoT & mobile app performance, Identify business apps

Video Conference 1

Application Control and QoS

Protect and guarantee the performance of critical applications for every user, at every site, all the time. automatically and dynamically, regardless of changing network conditions. End-to-end QoS is applied to any underlying network links to address the most complex and challenging traffic situations seamlessly.

Use Case:

Optimize Office 365 & Skype for Business, Optimize IoT & mobile app performance

Video Conference 2

Dynamic WAN Selection

Ipanema selects the best path, for each application session, in real-time, according to actual network performance and application traffic characteristics to meet your business objectives and user experience goals. Make optimum use of multiple network links with the experts that have been doing this since 2009.

Use Case:

Hybrid WANs made possible, Enable cloud migration

Rapidly deploy hybrid WANs

Application Performance Troubleshooting

Pinpoint application performance problems across the WAN, and down to the LAN device by leveraging Netflow data from your network devices. Now your application development teams and network management teams can solve user experience issues from a single pane of glass without pointing fingers at each other.

Use Case:

Optimize Office 365 & Skype for Business, Solve user experience problems

Mobile Banking Login

Routing and Security

Simplify your branch locations with fewer devices using Ipanema SD-WAN’s all-in-one appliances for all your routing and security needs. As the primary CPE for each site, Ipanema routes all traffic to any underlay network, while securing the branch from inbound Internet threats, encrypting traffic over IPsec VPNs, and optionally forwarding Internet traffic to secure web gateway providers. Turn the Internet into your business network effortlessly and securely.

Use Case:

Enable cloud migration, Hybrid WANs made possible

Branch Office 1

WAN Optimization

Accelerate application response times and deliver additional virtual bandwidth to your network by enabling application acceleration and data deduplication for resource constrained links. Enable even the furthest site in your network to benefit from your digital transformation regardless of any network bandwidth limitations.

Use Case:

Optimize Office 365 & Skype for Business, Support remote branch locations

Branch Office 2

Cloud Orchestrator

Now you can orchestrate thousands of sites in your network effortlessly, from the cloud, with a single user interface that provides configuration management, reporting, troubleshooting, and analytics under a single pane of glass. Natively multi-tenant for service providers, our platform allows you to focus on your business, not your network.

Use Case:

Easily scale your network, Deliver managed services to enterprises



Leveraging BT’s Connect Intelligence powered by Infovista, we gain the visibility and control we need to prioritize all of our critical applications

Chris Williams, Director of IT Service Management



Ipanema is one of the pillars of our digital transformation. It allows us to improve the experience of our donors while controlling operating costs.

Global Network Manager