Small Cell Planning

  • Establish a successful small cell strategy through accurate RF planning
  • Orchestrate small cell and Wi-Fi performance
  • Improve the ROI of small cells

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Solution at a Glance

A proper small cell strategy is key for operators, and involves many factors, both commercial and technical. Different deployment scenarios need to be modeled, evaluated and compared in network planning and design software to establish the best business case.

InfoVista offers a whole range of wireless network planning features to support small cells and multi-technology HetNet deployments, from the evaluation of the traffic demand to automated network planning features, as well as detailed backhaul network design.

Use Cases 
  • Strategic planning and network design of small cell network
  • Optimizing macro network layer for HetNet deployment
  • Optimizing spectral efficiency to maximize small cell ROI

"We need to run multiple simulations to optimize our network and we need to know that the results of those simulations will be replicated in the physical network. Planet's prediction accuracy has proven itself for KDDI over the past three years."

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