Planet Crowdsource | Real-world Data-driven Planning

Connect your plans with reality

Key insights into traffic demand from crowdsourced data enable more informed planning

Data-driven network planning

Plan your network based on real-world data

Crowdsourced data in Planet provides real-world coverage and user experience maps against which to validate your plans, ultimately improving the accuracy of your planning and optimization. With direct access to umlaut crowdsourced data and the ability to easily import data from other sources, you have an unprecedented level of geolocated insights into mobile subscribers' behavior and coverage experience directly inside your planning solution.

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Key benefits and features

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Plan based on highly representative data

Subscriber-centric data, from all frequency bands, all devices and all geographies provides the perfect baseline from which to plan a network.


Focus on ROI-driven planning

Crowdsourced data allows you to focus network investments on the areas of high traffic demand and high revenue potential.


Combine automation and crowdsourced data

Crowdsourced data provides excellent input into Planet ACP to enable automated planning workflows to determine the optimal network.

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Improve propagation accuracy

Leverage the combined power of crowdsourced data and artificial intelligence to optimize propagation models.


Benefit from umlaut integration

Retrieve crowdsourced data directly from the umlaut database with no manual import or data processing required.

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Benchmark against your competitors

Crowdsourced data can provide unique traffic and user experience insights into the network performance of your competitors.

Better planning with crowdsourced data

Learn how you can use crowdsourced data to improve RAN planning and optimization activities

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