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Infovista and iBwave Collaborate to Deliver Unified Solution for Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Design

New alliance kickstarts evolution toward seamless indoor/outdoor wireless connectivity.

ASHBURN, VA, and MONTREAL, QC, February 4, 2020 – Two industry leaders with expertise in network planning and design have announced the first phase of a strategic collaboration that will provide a unified solution to deliver seamless indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity. Infovista, the recognized leader in modern network performance, and iBwave Solutions Inc., the leading provider of state-of-the-art in-building wireless planning, are joining forces to address the worldwide demand for accessible, end-to-end 5G networks.

The collaboration has been established to address the burgeoning 5G design industry, with access to multi-wireless technology for large campuses and venues being a top priority for operators around the world. The new solutions will allow customers to design and deploy 5G networks within buildings and surrounding outdoor areas faster, without the need for separate survey and planning tools. Expanded design capabilities will also cut costs and reduce the risk of unclear timelines that are often an issue in large venue and campus design.

“Our collaboration is a natural fit,” says José Duarte, CEO of Infovista. “Both organizations have a combined 30 years of experience in this industry, but we each bring a different set of skills to the table. No one knows better than iBwave how to plan, design and deploy in-building wireless systems. And Infovista, which integrates the leading-edge Planet solution for RF planning and in-depth network testing for wireless networks, is uniquely positioned for the kind of innovation 5G demands.”

“Our combined core competencies will enable us to provide solutions that are unmatched in our industry,” added iBwave president and CEO Marc Bolick. “An indoor and outdoor-friendly RF planning solution has been a top priority for wireless operators across the globe for some time. This collaboration is a long-term commitment to operators, hosts, manufacturers and entrepreneurs with the goal of delivering superior, future-proof and continuous connectivity for in-building networks, large venues, campuses and the surrounding areas.”

Infovista and iBwave have consistently proven success in their respective industries, working with over 250+ wireless carriers and creating strong relationships with leading 5G vendors and integrators.  

“By combining our expertise and aligning our solution strategies, Infovista and iBwave are able to offer to carriers and new entrants a highly integrated, holistic and easy-to-deploy wireless design solution that addresses the immense need for improved indoor/outdoor ecosystem connectivity,” Bolick says.

The new solution is currently being tested with lead customers for an anticipated release in Q2 2020. iBwave and Infovista will be demonstrating the solution to select invitees during Mobile World Congress 2020 (February 24-27) at Hall South Village.

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