Planet Call Analytics | VIP Troubleshooting and Optimization

Resolve VIP quality of service escalations

Troubleshoot subscriber experience problems down to Layer 3 messages

VIP troubleshooting and optimization

Identify and troubleshoot VIP service quality issues

Retaining VIP subscribers is critical to the profitability of your business. When VIPs experience service quality problems they need to be resolved quickly. Planet Call Analytics enables troubleshooting of subscriber experience problems down to Layer 3 messages via live network call trace recordings. It allows you to quickly assess subscriber experience, locate network problems and resolve RF issues using embedded multi-vendor call trace processing and geolocation intelligence. 

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Key benefits and features

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Resolve VIP service quality issues

Schedule trace recordings on a specific VIP or group of VIPs to understand the service quality issues they are experiencing.

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Troubleshoot cluster performance issues

Schedule trace recordings for all calls in a cluster of cells with performance issues to investigate the root cause of the degradation.


Drill down to extreme levels of detail

Call trace data including Layer 3 messages, allows engineers to easily identify what is causing the service quality issues.

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Conduct fast and efficient analysis

The ability to collect a very focused set of data from subscriber call traces enables fast and efficiency analysis.

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Control all aspects of troubleshooting

Planet Call Analytics users have full control, including scheduling call trace recordings, with no reliance on external solutions or colleagues.

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Support customer care

Planet Call Analytics enables engineers to provide 3rd line support to the customer care organization helping resolve escalations faster.