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CSPs' Success with 5G Initiatives Requires O-RAN and vRAN

According to Gartner, “O-RAN and vRAN can provide vendor diversity and create new differentiation opportunities for CSPs. CSP CIOs should assess these architectures holistically by taking a big-picture view of their role in their network modernization.*” 

Following live trials validating such technology for deployment at scale and with expected cost reduction, many network operators do indeed consider OpenRAN a viable solution to define their mobile networks. Bringing higher flexibility and significant cost savings, it eliminates the proprietary vendor lock-in seen as a key reason for slowing down their ability to innovate and differentiate in an increasingly competitive mobile market.  

Infovista, active member of the vibrant ecosystem being built around the next generation of wireless infrastructure, partners with software innovators such as Parallel Wireless to promote and extend new practices and tools that operators should adopt throughout the full lifecycle of their network. 

To read more Gartner recommendations on how O-RAN and vRAN can contribute to CSPs’ success, access this report.

*Source: Gartner, CSPs’ Success With 5G Initiatives Requires O-RAN and vRAN, Kosei Takiishi, Frank Marsala, Peter Liu, 3 November 2020.