Analyst Report

Next-generation Wide-Area Networking

Wide-Area Network Transformation
How Enterprises Succeed with SD-WAN

This research summary highlights the results of new research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). Based on a survey of 305 enterprise WAN decision-makers and subject matter experts, this research examines all aspects of WAN transformation, from cloud enablement to internet migration, and then looks at what drivers are causing enterprises to
embrace SD-WAN as well as what their next generation WAN must support and deliver.

  • Cloud adoption is the #2 challenge to overall WAN success
  • 74% are increasing their use of the Internet as a primary WAN connectivity option
  • 52% are supplementing MPLS with Internet connectivity (e.g. hybrid networks)
  • only 15% of enterprises are retiring MPLS with Internet-only connectivity
  • Improves network and application performance is a top 5 business driver for SD-WAN

The study finds that while SD-WAN is essential to WAN transformation, enterprises still need more than what basic SD-WAN solutions provide. Enterprise networks need to be more agile, less complex, and provide higher performance to applications.