Foundation for Digital Transformation Optimized user experience and application performance

A recent study by EIQ Research(*) and Infovista found that retailers almost universally believe their store WANs cannot meet the demands of digital transformation. According to the study, the most important reasons for this are first, the lack of state-of-the-art network capacity optimization and, second, the absence of a management strategy that truly supports the in-store customer experience and the business agility required by leading retailers.
The lines between online and in-store retailing are becoming increasingly blurred. Integrating digital convergence with network optimization and business application experience across the customer journey are key ingredients to drive business performance excellence.

  • 74% of retailers cite the network as an impediment to an effective customer journey
  • 90% of retailers agree that POS Applications must have bandwidth prioritization
  • 75% of retailers try to cure bad in-store experience by adding network bandwidth

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