Analyst Report

Tolly Group Validates Performance of Infovista's Application Aware SD-WAN

Ipanema demonstrates effective management and delivery of the desired user experience per application session over any WAN

Infovista commissioned Tolly to evaluate the intelligent application performance control capabilities of Ipanema SD-WAN. Ipanema is designed to manage application flows dynamically across multiple WAN connections to deliver a business objective-driven user experience using various application aware Quality of Service (QoS), end-to-end prioritization, and path selection techniques. Specifically, Tolly tested two important features: Application Control and Dynamic WAN Selection.


Tolly Group concluded that:

  • Manages WAN resources to deliver required quality of experience for mission-critical applications as defined by business priorities;
  • Monitors WAN conditions and can migrate critical applications to best performing links dynamically should current WAN conditions degrade;
  • Dynamically manages application flows based on business-level performance objectives via QoS, end-to-end prioritization, and dynamic path selection techniques;
  • Adapts dynamically under changing network conditions for both path selection and application control functions to meet user experience objectives.

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Alternatively, you can read the executive summary and listen to this podcast featuring Kevin Tolly, founder of the Tolly Group, and Jonathan Forest, Vice President, Enterprise Products and Markets.

In this podcast, Kevin and John discuss the Tolly Group’s report as well as why and how application performance and user experience should always be the starting point of any migration to SD-WAN.