Data Sheet

Application Performance Troubleshooting

From Flows to Conversations

In order to guarantee the performance of business applications, enterprise IT organizations need an in-depth understanding of their application ecosystem, starting with full visibility into application usage and network performance. Additionally, they must communicate outcomes to internal stakeholders during all steps of implementation of new applications and their running modes, including:

Rollout: Assess network readiness and the impact of new application deployments, con rm assumptions and adapt the project accordingly, if required.

Run Mode: Monitor the actual application usage and performance, from high-level, SLA-dashboard views, to detailed information levels. Communicate to business lines the network performance as it compares to expected, internal SLAs.

Incident Management: Detect and mitigate problems down to individual users/servers within the LAN infrastructure.

Budget and Capacity Planning: Justify network upgrades with documented facts and propose an adapted network design, aligned with business objectives.

Application Visibility: Is the cornerstone function of Ipanema SD-WAN – the first step for enterprises to regain control over their networks. Application Visibility enables IT departments to establish application performance baselines and assess the benefits of other Ipanema features.