5 Requirements for Successful In-Store Digital Experiences

For many retailers, the future hinges on successfully transforming stores through digital experiences. Increased technology investment alone, however, will not guarantee success.
Digital influences more than 75% of retail store visits today, and is projected to impact 58% of all retail sales by 2019. However, fusing the physical and the digital is easier said than done. Building in-store digital experiences that work at scale requires fortitude, foresight and focus. Be it traditional brick and mortar retailers or digitally native brands, simply sticking technology in a store just does not work. 

Retailers must retain sharp focus on 5 key imperatives that will enable them translate intent to ability:

  • Redefine the value of their stores, and judge in-store digital initiatives accordingly.
  • Focus on what matters most to their shoppers and avoid a me-too strategy.
  • Redesign processes to align with digital experiences.
  • Empower store teams with the right tools, training and incentives.
  • Consistently execute digital experiences at scale.

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What other retail experts say about the 5 Requirements:
“This is a great strategic resource to help guide retailers on setting up the right in-store digital experiences. Not only does it articulate the strategic imperatives, but it also provides some great field examples of what leading retailers are doing in each category. If you are involved in a transformative initiative you will want to read this as your checklist – to make sure you are covering all the bases. Definitely the strategic ‘Point of View’ all retailers need to read.”

Charles Dimov, VP Marketing, Order Dynamics, RetailWire.com BrainTrust Panelist

"When executed properly, in-store retail magic will always be a blend of the art and sciences, where the customer should expect new content, across multiple shopping platforms. Retail is evolving into the theater of all that is new and relevant in our daily lives. Experiential retail has become the latest industry trend, as its all-encompassing business model connects the physical, digital, creative, and art worlds.”

Brandon Rael, Retail Strategist & Operations Leader, RetailWire.com BrainTrust Panelist


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