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Senza Fili report: The evolution from drive testing to multi-level automated testing in 5G

The wireless evolution to 5G, digital services, IoT, cloud-native and virtualized architectures is creating networks that are at once more powerful and sophisticated, and more complex to manage and optimize. To keep up with the new requirements and expectations, operators have to widen the scope of testing and adopt a new approach that combines tried-and-tested tools with new ones. Wireless networks have to do more, and so does testing.

In this paper, Monica Paolini, founder and president of analyst and consulting firm Senza Fili, looks at how testing is evolving and how operators can meet their new testing requirements without increasing costs, including how:

  • Increased network complexity and capabilities demand more granularity in testing, with new use cases such as online gaming and IoT
  • Technological advances, including automation and AI/ML, testing orchestration, and real-time analysis increase testing efficiency
  • A multi-level approach gets the most value out of testing
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Download this independent analyst report to learn how a new next-gen testing paradigm is emerging, the implications for new testing platforms and what this means for the expanded role of network testing.