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Marc Lippe
Feb. 28 2013

In this month's round up of industry news, issues and updates, we feature the continued rise of LTE revenue, the risk of backhaul gaps in LTE networks, small cell network optimization discussions and methods to accommodate the demands of high traffic backhaul networks.

Mobile World Live - LTE to contribute 1/3 of operator revenue by 2017 — February 13th

LTE service revenue is expected to reach $75 million this year as more and more operators secure high-value subscribers. Primarily led by the enterprise sector, nearly 70 percent of LTE revenue will continue to stem from North America, the Far East and China over the next few years, prompting many operators to develop new pricing strategies and enabling a smooth transition to next-generation services for their customers.

Tellabs - Mobile operators risk backhaul gap in LTE networks — February 13th

Today, LTE seems to be the “key” for operators to keep afloat amidst rising mobile data demand. According to a recent study conducted by Tellabs, nearly half of all network performance problems for mobile operators derive from backhaul networks. In fact, it's said that if mobile backhaul LTE investments continue at the same rate as they did for 2G and 3G, operators run the risk of falling short of user demand, creating a gap in backhaul demand.

FierceWireless Small cells, network optimization to overshadow 2013 infrastructure discussions — February 21st

According to Ovum, small cells have become a popular discussion topic among technology executives over the last few months, and that will continue throughout 2013 as more operators develop their strategies to deploy them. In fact, ARCchart predicts small cell shipments will grow from 261,000 in 2012 to 5 million by 2017 globally!

EE Times - Tips & Tricks: Seven things wireless backhaul should provide to cover your network where fiber can't — February 21st

Consumers' demand for “everywhere” mobility is increasing by the minute as the world becomes more virtual. While small cells provide an answer to a range of capacity and coverage issues, significant challenges still exist when it comes to deploying them.  Luckily, there are many different solutions that can be included in a successful small cell backhaul plan to help operators maintain flexible and effective networks. A few of these solutions include spectrum management optimization and special diversity.

If you're interested in learning more about these topics, I invite you to visit Infovista's website detailing our network performance management, application performance management, and products enhancing small cell deployment.

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