Visibility and control: Ipanema SD-WAN enhances network for ENGIE Solutions

Michal Podoski
May. 18 2021

With more companies than ever opting for digital workspaces and new ways of working, it has never been more crucial to remain connected at all levels. Connectivity performance can have a huge impact on a business, so maintaining a seamless information system across all site locations is critical.

Optimizing a legacy system without disruption is often a major challenge, especially for businesses with increased reliance on Internet services. By adopting SD-WAN solutions, companies can manage the transformation efficiently while continuing to provide their services and maintaining network performance.

For ENGIE Solutions, SD-WAN needed to address the requirements of sites within a large geographical spread. After the recommendation of Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN, the company was able to level up their network during the pandemic and beyond.

ENGIE Solutions guarantees quality of service on its remote sites with Ipanema SD-WAN

ENGIE Solutions designs and delivers services to businesses and communities to make better use of energy and reduce their environmental impact.

Employees dedicated to energy optimization services are spread over 1,200 sites across France. These sites are all access points to application solutions made available by the IT department.

In 2017, the company made a strategic choice to opt for a Microsoft + Office 365 workspace environment, which led it to review the strategy for prioritizing flows on its network. Workflow optimization work then began, to which Infovista's Ipanema solutions contributed in the form of probes that control the Quality of Service (QoS).

The current transformation of the information system leveraging public cloud as well as the rapid growth of SaaS applications at all levels of the company, combined with the juxtaposition of network solutions (MPLS, high-speed Internet lines, etc.), quickly generated complexity for IT teams without guaranteeing an optimal employee experience.

"Our desire to go further and switch a significant portion of our applications to the public cloud could not be hampered by a network performance issue," noted Matthieu Royer, Director of Infrastructure and Production, ENGIE Solutions.

SD-WAN in SaaS mode to improve user experience

The Infrastructure and Production team within the IT department of ENGIE Solutions then turned to Infovista. The company chose Infovista as the independent software vendor with a view to benefit from the core services offered, specifically visibility and control. After assessing the situation, Infovista experts recommended ENGIE Solutions to migrate to a more complete and relevant solution: Ipanema SD-WAN, fully accessible in cloud mode.

Among its features, the Infovista solution embeds the ability to recognize and classify SaaS (cloud application database) applications in order to apply QoS rules. Ipanema SD-WAN also allows users to, dynamically and in real time, select the best way to deliver an application session by taking into account the traffic state, the characteristics of the application and the degree of priority set. Thus maximizing the use of the different network links. These characteristics, among others, meet the needs expressed by the ENGIE Solutions teams.

Beyond the technological relevance of Ipanema SD-WAN, its ability to be deployed quickly and the readability of its reporting finally won over the network teams. "Opting for an SD-WAN SaaS solution always raises the question of ownership and control of all network assets," said Matthieu Royer. "Infovista’s consultative approach, the ease with which the console informs us about the behavior of end users and the methodology for switching sites to Ipanema SD-WAN allow us to meet our Quality of Experience, cost optimization and network management simplification objectives,” he added.

In the space of two months, Ipanema SD-WAN has been deployed in five major sites of ENGIE Solutions. The positive feedback from users has encouraged the IT department to deploy the solution faster.

Pandemic accelerates acceptance of change

The SD-WAN solution creates a more efficient workspace with fast and secure access to Internet resources wherever you are based in France. During the unpredictable health situation, it is crucial for IT equipment to have the capability to support employees in accomplishing their tasks and missions. Since deployment, the improvements made in terms of response times and access have not gone unnoticed.

Productivity, enriched experience, simplicity: the advantages we see lead to more and more requests from the IT department to deploy the SD-WAN solution on new sites. Adoption of the solution can be achieved without also requiring significant service disruption. As the occupancy rate of sites is modified by the health crisis, deployments can be planned and carried out more easily due to increased receptivity and acceptance of the process.

“Undeniably, the health situation makes it easier to manage change. The need for connectivity and application performance has never been so shared," concluded Guillaume Baudry, Network and Security Architect.


In this case, building a smarter and more efficient network transformed the user experience at ENGIE Solutions.

Ipanema SD-WAN ultimately made optimization far less time-consuming. By using a simultaneous approach, the company greatly minimized down-time for enhancements. Any network upheaval should not cause any unnecessary and unpredictable disturbances for a business, a huge benefit demonstrated by ENGIE Solutions’ adoption of SD-WAN.

During a period of such significance, the ability to maximize productivity and efficiency of services is a huge incentive. No matter the size or spread of a company, Ipanema SD-WAN offers tailored innovations to transform and optimize a network.

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