MeettheBoss TV: Making Network Intelligence Actionable

Bernard Breton
Dec. 12 2013

By Bernard Breton, SVP, Americas & APAC and Chief Marketing Officer, Infovista

Over the last decade, operators have felt the impact of subscribers' increasing mobile data usage. It's proved challenging to build out network capacity and infrastructure, while also ensuring a high quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers. But, mobile operators that are able to integrate network intelligence and quality of experience data into their network planning and network optimization efforts stand a much better chance of ensuring optimum network performance, reducing customer churn and deploying advanced network technologies. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.

In a recent interview with Nick Pryke of MeettheBoss TV, we agreed that network planning, network performance management and network optimization practices are often siloed within mobile operators' organizations. This makes it quite difficult to reap the benefits of actionable network intelligence. In the future, these processes will need to be more aligned and integrated, so operators can fully leverage network performance and subscriber experience information. By applying in-depth, real-time network performance data across the board, engineers can be confident that they not only have an accurate, holistic view of the mobile network, but are making the right network planning, troubleshooting and optimization decisions when and where it make sense.

We continued the discussion around mobile network optimization today during the roundtable, “Mobile Network Optimisation: Improving Subscriber Quality of Experience” and will do so again on January 29th during the roundtable, “Mobile Infrastructure & Network Performance Management.” You can also learn more about network intelligence on our blog, and by listening to our recent Telecoms.com webinar on this very same topic.

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