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Meeting the Demands of Cloud Computing and Software-Defined Networking with Infovista's Unified Service Assurance Platform

Cyril Doussau
Aug. 1 2013

By Cyril Doussau, Senior Director, Network Performance Management Product Strategy, Infovista

It's clear by now that CSPs are embracing software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) as a strategic focus to optimize their network investments and improve customer retention. The promised benefits of these disruptive technologies are likely to redefine the telecommunication industry for a decade or more. These major innovations will allow CSPs and MNOs alike to further monetize their networks, streamline CAPEX and increase customer retention by significantly decreasing customer activation time. By leveraging SDN and other cloud-enabled capabilities like application visibility services (AVS), CSPs are able to grow their revenues with differentiated offerings — but they also are finding that they need to dramatically evolve their service assurance platforms to provide a holistic, end-to-end visualization of network and application performance as well as increase agility, scalability and flexibility.

Commenting on these growing trends, Heavy Reading recently published a report analyzing why CSPs need to adjust their service assurance capabilities to improve the quality of their cloud services and plan for and enable SDN. I am pleased to share that Infovista was named in this report as one of seven key vendors offering the appropriate carrier-grade, real-time performance visualization, service modeling and subscriber quality of experience (QoE) visibility required by CSPs to succeed with SDN and NFV.

In particular, the report noted that service assurance solutions will need to be closely aligned with “real-time OSS” to enable CSPs and their business customers to quickly deploy, configure and activate network service capabilities. As SDN takes control over more network control functions, network programmability and OSS interoperability supported by a real-time performance assurance platform will also be vital to ensure that CSPs' infrastructures are able to fulfill on-demand quality of service (QoS) requests from third-party applications and customers. infovista_techvalidate_custsatis_cta

With approximately 70 percent of our CSP and mobile operator customers focused on monetizing, operating and optimizing their current networks, Infovista is a clear leader in providing next-generation service performance assurance. We hope to help those customers assure the performance of their cloud and IP services and look forward to continuing our collaboration with the CSP community to support SDN adoption.

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