Interop has become a regular highlight on Ipanema's calendar. The event takes place every May and provides a great opportunity to meet and network with people from around the globe, all interested in connecting the IT community and driving innovation in the sector.

Conferences such as Interop are a great platform for briefing the industry on news for the coming year. For Ipanema, there were two main announcements to bring to the show.The first and foremost was Ipanema's acquisition by InfoVista, a unique, innovative and recognized provider of network planning, service assurance and optimization solutions. Secondly, Ipanema was pleased to announce its latest Dynamic Hybrid Networking management solution, with firewall capabilities.interoplasvegas2015

Ipanema's acquisition by Infovista
comes at a time when every business is becoming a digital business. As a consequence, applications are becoming ubiquitous across hybrid networks; an intensive migration of applications to the cloud and IT complexity is intensifying. CIOs are being put under increasing pressure to regain control of their networks and application usage, and protect business-critical applications. This acquisition is part of InfoVista's strategy to provide the most advanced solutions in network orchestration and application performance. It positions InfoVista as offering the most integrated and comprehensive solution set and expertise, to maximize business application experience over hybrid WANs and protect business continuity.

The acquisition is also good news for our CSP customers, who will remain best placed to deliver high-performing and differentiated, application-aware network services to their business customers transitioning to WAN. They will be able to cost-effectively extend Infovista's service assurance solution to the Internet network and accelerate time-to-market monetization of their hybrid services.

The launch of our enhanced Hybrid Networking Solution,
Dynamic WAN selection with built-in security features is testament to our commitment to providing the most advanced solutions possible for our Enterprise and CSP customers.

Dynamic WAN Selection eliminates the need for additional firewalls at every brand of the enterprise network. As the solution offers application performance guarantee, together with VPN tunneling and OS-level firewall capabilities in a single box, additional firewall devices simply aren't needed at individual branches of an organization. The solution automatically chooses the best network access for each application flow, taking into account the actual end-to-end conditions of the entire hybrid network - capacity, availability and quality - in order to maximize the end-user experience and optimize the usage of each available path.

Our enhanced Hybrid Networking Solution is one of a number of exciting new product announcements we have coming up as we continue to focus on providing the most comprehensive network and application performance solutions. At next year's Interop we will be celebrating our first year together with InfoVista — so watch out for some more exciting announcements at Interop 2016!

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