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Infovista joins Telefonica at Campus Party Brazil 2011

Sergio Zveibil
Jan. 21 2011

As you may know, Campus Party is a popular international event centered on digital entertainment, science, creativity, innovation, and culture. The Brazilian edition, taking place this week in Sao Paulo, is no exception. Cutting-edge network availability is at the heart of the event, as the “Party” provides attendees with high-speed internet access for playing online games, sharing files, videoconferencing, and more. In addition to all the fun, the event has a serious side with speakers, workshops, presentations, and demonstrations on a wide range of topics. To give you an idea of the caliber of this year's event in Brazil, the keynote speakers include Al Gore and Steve Wozniak.

Telefonica, an Infovista customer for more than 6 years, is showcasing the high-capacity data link service of Telefonica Brazil at Campus Party Brazil 2011. Telefonica, a main sponsor of the event since its inception, has set up a network operations center in the middle of the main pavilion. It named the network operations center “OVNI”–which translates as “UFO” in English. How cool is that!

The UFO!

All of the main network equipment is showcased in the UFO. We are thrilled that Telefonica invited us to take part in this amazing experience by presenting performance data on their high-capacity data links with our unique Vista360 presentation module. The UFO includes 3 big plasma TVs displaying real-time views of a Topology diagram, IPv4 traffic, and IPv6 traffic from Vista360.

Vista360 is not only on display at the event itself but is also being used off-site in the offices of the directors of Telefonica, providing them with real-time monitoring of the performance of the 10Gbps data links–yet another demonstration of the usability of Vista360, which brings the information to where it is needed!

I want to personally thank Telefonica for inviting us to participate in this event, and all of the Telefonica and Infovista managers and engineers who made it possible. What a great way to showcase both of our technologies in a real-world, high traffic, and high availability network environment. We also appreciate all the positive feedback we're receiving about Vista360.

So we're having a great time at Campus Party–and we wish you could be here with us. If you'd like to see more pictures of the event, check out our Facebook Page. You can also view the official website for Campus Party Brazil here.

Telefonica's operation team enjoying the Vista360 view from inside the UFO.

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