In the Applications Era, SD-WAN Brings Necessary Orchestration

Enterprise wide-area networks (WANs) have a tendency to become extremely cumbersome in a short amount of time. The economics of provisioning and remediation among the many different network layers while meeting SLAs for security and compliance can quickly become untenable for IT organizations that don't have tools in place for orchestration and performance management.

Enter software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), a new networking model that gives IT visibility into the many moving parts of the WAN. By managing the connectivity infrastructure between corporate and cloud sites through a central, software-driven controller, the WAN is able to become more agile and those using it more productive. This combines with real-time monitoring and reporting to ensure application SLAs are met for enterprise end-users, as well as tools that allow IT managers to dynamically direct critical traffic on the WAN while monitoring for possible service degradations.

While all of these are ingredients for a well-managed WAN, bringing in the software-defined component is really only part of a larger Hybrid WAN solution that ushers in the “Applications Era.” In reality, the greater challenge for IT is managing hybrid WAN to orchestrate a private MPLS infrastructure that is complemented by pure broadband connectivity via the public Internet. This is what will keep business-critical applications up and running when employees need them most, ensuring application SLAs are met and customers are satisfied.

To discuss SD-WAN Solutions for the Applications Era, I will be on hand at this year's SD-WAN Summit 2016 on Thursday, September 22 at 10:40 a.m., in Paris. As part of the Technology Session group of speakers, I will discuss how attendees can deliver truly valuable application aware SD-WAN solutions that align business application visibility with SLA enforcement and dynamic, secure hybrid WAN.

By using Infovista's application-aware SD-WAN solution, IT teams can take application performance a step further by managing global-scale configurations as quickly and easily, and providing root-cause analysis that goes hand-in-hand with rich, extensive reporting. IT teams can then proactively deliver the application performance users want!

Join us during the SD-WAN Summit to hear our presentation or meet with representatives at booth #05 to discuss transforming your enterprise WAN for optimal business application performance. Read more about how SD and hybrid WAN can untangle increasingly complex network configurations.

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