As the Wan Optimization Market Evolves, Infovista Stays Firmly at the Fore

Across industries, enterprises are embracing digital workflows to help make their operations more efficient and effective. As a result, today's enterprise WAN is now responsible for hosting a bevy of applications, many of which are critical to the overall functionality and success of the modern digital business.

Ensuring that these applications perform according to business objectives requires businesses to invest in something greater than traditional WAN optimization solutions can provide. New solutions that are fine-tuned to help support larger enterprise priorities — ace among them being business-critical app performance are appearing at a regular pace in the market. This is why software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) optimization technologies are quickly becoming the bread and butter of most enterprise IT management workflows, as all facets of the larger business will inevitably be impacted by application-heavy digital transformation.

SD-WAN solutions support digital transformation by using intelligent and intuitive software that keeps tabs on both networks and the applications using them. At Infovista, we've been enhancing and developing beyond our WAN optimization solutions for years in order to be the ideal partner for businesses on the cutting edge of network transformation, no matter the size of their network.

Solutions that minimize management headaches — including costs

One of the key features that sets Infovista's solution apart is dynamic WAN selection (DWS), which was first introduced by Ipanema in 2009 and folded into our larger suite of SD-WAN technologies. This intuitive feature allows IT teams to designate the priority applications that are supported by the enterprise WAN and dynamically direct them along the most capable network pathways. When coupled with Infovista's advanced application visibility and control features, our DWS capability allows the enterprise network to dynamically respond to each user session, in turn providing optimal end user experience across the WAN.

Our solutions are also a boon for channel partners, as we offer a wealth of SD-WAN and Hybrid WAN management options that can help businesses bring their products to market quickly without draining resources. For instance, partners can leverage our IpanemaGO platform, which is a cloud-based management solution, to launch a service seamlessly without having to build out and train their own internal IT teams. This is especially useful as more than 80 percent of new applications are expected to be cloud-based by the end of this year.

We're even capable of alleviating many of the fears that enterprises have surrounding Hybrid WAN adoption, as once-simple MPLS WAN infrastructures are now bringing public internet into the fold to optimize traffic at branch endpoints. We've partnered with internet security company Zscaler to feature a cloud-based security solution that has the ability to process large quantities of incoming traffic at each internet gateway. This is yet another cost-saving feature that is available with our management solutions that, when paired with IpanemaGO, helps enterprises speed up SD-WAN or Hybrid WAN implementation at minimal cost.

We discussed in a recent cover feature with Enterprise Networking Magazine how all of these features of our WAN optimization solutions have come to be as the larger market evolves. Read that feature today to learn what Infovista's CEO, Philippe Ozanian, has to say about our products and how we'll meet the unique challenges of the future.

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