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Automate your site verification for faster 5G roll-outs with fewer personnel

Accelerate your 5G roll-out

Increase the efficiency of your site verification and activate your 5G sites sooner

Whether it’s rolling out a new 5G network, a new technology overlay, or expanding your network coverage footprint, accurately assessing prelaunch performance is critical. Only by testing and optimizing the network from your subscribers’ perspective can you be confident that the network is going to deliver the promised 5G user experience. Automated Site Verification leverages Precision Drive Testing to centrally define testing routines and criteria, identifying what to test, where to test and how to get there.

Key benefits and features

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Improve site verification efficiency

Manual site verification is time-consuming and prone to human error. Automation increases the number of sites a tester can verify in a day.

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Optimize your site verification workflow

Automating testing routines and predicting where tests should be done vastly improves the time taken to complete a site verification workflow.

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Reduce reliance on your skilled engineers

Automated Site Verification enables anyone to do site verification. This massively increases the number of sites that can be rolled out in parallel.

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Evaluate site verification in real-time

Automated Site Verification evaluates captured measurements in real-time, so that issues can be detected early and corrected, preventing re-drives.

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Automate your site acceptances for faster 5G roll-outs

The time and skills required for validating new sites are often a significant bottleneck in 5G roll-outs. Automated Site Verification leverages Precision Drive Testing™ to centrally define testing routines and criteria, identifying what to test, where to test and how to get there. When in the field, it automatically conducts the tests, meaning even people with no RF expertise can test for you. This simplified and guided drive testing approach helps you get your 5G network to market faster.


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