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Automating site acceptance for faster 5G roll-outs

With an exponential increase in 5G site deployments, mobile network operators and network equipment providers face increasing challenges in reducing cost, time to market and complexity. Adhering to strict network-level acceptance criteria, compounded by the complex requirements of 5G, creates a fundamental need to improve drive test workflow efficiency.

But how can you do this in a way that saves time and money, and reduces complexity?

In the 5G era, reliable and efficient site acceptance can be improved with cloud-native end-to-end automated solutions that benefit from advanced capabilities such as ‘definition of done’ and ‘automatic sweet spot selection’ features, so that all required tests are conducted for specific locations on the first visit, reducing site verification revisits by up to 25%, and time savings by up to 70%. When compared to traditional workflows, these innovative approaches reduce operational complexity, cost and time significantly.

To learn how these innovations benefit mobile network operators and network equipment providers, view the webinar by Infovista and Telecoms.com.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce time to market with automation of management and test execution processes
  • Reduce complexity by controlling all test devices remotely from the cloud
  • Perform precision location testing with automatic stationary sweet spot selection
  • Guide less skilled or unsupervised users to collect valid drive test data
  • Maintain uniform network-wide success criteria for site acceptance


Jaana Tengman, Director of Product Management, Infovista
Pär Hultén, Product Manager – TEMS Products and Devices, Infovista
Wei Shi, Intelligence Manager, Telecoms.com