KBC delivers excellent Quality of Experience to Skype for Business & Microsoft Office 365 users

KBC selected Ipanema from Infovista to guarantee the performance Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Office 365.

KBC selected Ipanema from Infovista to guarantee the performance Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Office 365.

PARIS, France and HERNDON, Virginia – 4th September 2014 – KBC, an integrated bank-insurance group, headquartered in Belgium, partnered with Infovista to ensure full and quick adoption of Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Office 365. The objective was to increase employees’ productivity and deploy an agile network to give the business the flexibility to introduce quick new business applications. This It had to be obtained without any impact on telecom costs. Infovista helped KBC to guarantee business application performance and allow the IT department to dynamically adapt to new usages.

KBC sought to reduce operational costs and provide employees with better integrated services in order to improve productivity. KBC partnered with Infovista on several key IT initiatives to achieve these goals:

  • Deploy Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Office 365;
  • Foster employees’ collaboration and mobility;
  • Accelerate troubleshooting and application deployment;
  • Reduce IT costs by reviewing the global infrastructure, avoiding non-justified bandwidth upgrades and moving to Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 applications in the cloud.

“To support these new usages, we realized that we needed not only to look at the network, but also at the global IT infrastructure design”, says Bart Adriaensen, Head of Telecom and UC² eWorkplace, KBC Group. “Our ambition is to have the most efficient and flexible network of the financial sector in Belgium, that maximally supports the business needs.”

Ipanema, the Application Performance Management solution of Infovista, was deployed in 827 bank branches, which will allow KBC to quickly adapt to IT changes. KBC experienced a smooth roll-out of Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 within six months. Besides that, a new BYOD policy has been developed during the summer, allowing employees to work from every place, every device, increasing mobility and productivity.

“After the full roll-out there will be 15,000 users on Skype for Business spread in our bank branches and headquarters, so we couldn’t take the risk that they didn’t get an optimum quality of experience. Therefore we chose Ipanemato guarantee the quality of service of our network as well as the performance of our business critical applications such as bank transactions and VoIP”, explains Bart Adriaensen.

The smooth adoption of Skype for Business was evidenced by P2P sessions reaching 140,000 per week and Skype for Business conferences increasing from 92 to 3700 per week. This will allow for telecom cost savings fueled by 20% less landline extensions on PBX, travel savings of 7 million kilometers and a boost in tele-working with 4,900 people being able to tele-work.

Thanks to Ipanema, KBC avoided costly bandwidth upgrades and stopped using their Telco’s Class of Service (CoS), which equated to a substantial cut in network costs. Troubleshooting has become faster and proactive while application deployment is now taking an average of six months rather than the previous average of two years.

About KBC

The KBC group is an integrated bank-insurance group, catering mainly for retail, SME, and midcap customers. It concentrates on its home markets of Belgium and certain countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Elsewhere around the globe, the group has established a presence in selected countries and regions.  Visit www.kbc.com

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