Infovista enable Coopservice to improve employee productivity 12% by guaranteeing SAP and HR application performance

Network and business performance transformed through adoption of Ipanema, the Application Performance Guarantee solution of InfoVista.

Network and business performance transformed through adoption of Ipanema, the Application Performance Guarantee solution of InfoVista.

November 4, 2014 – Paris, FRANCE – InfoVista, the global leader of network performance orchestration software solutions, today announces that Coopservice, a major Italian player in the design, delivery and management of integrated services for businesses, has transformed their IT network with Ipanema, the company’s Application Performance Guarantee solution. Moving key applications to the cloud and deploying unified communications tools, Coopservice is now able to guarantee SAP and HR application performances and improved employee productivity by 12%.

Refining IT efficiency and optimizing the use of existing infrastructure, Coopservice have also heavily reduced network costs, cutting their ‘mean time to innocence’ (the time taken to prove that the network or application is not to blame for a performance issue) by 80%.

To help reach Coopservice’s organizational goals of delivering best-in-class services to customers, whilst maximizing employee productivity and team collaboration, the group proposed five key IT initiatives:

    • Replace the former ERP with SAP;
    • Move the existing HR application to the cloud, simplifying maintenance and increasing scalability;
    • Deploy Microsoft Lync to support employee mobility and collaboration;
    • Improve IT efficiency;
    • Optimize the use of existing network resources.

An internal analysis in 2013 had revealed that Coopservice was losing 10% of daily productivity due to network application performance issues, significant for an organization where staff represents close to 75% of business costs.

The objective-based and automated application performance management solutions delivered by InfoVista protect each user’s interactions with business critical applications. This ultimately reduced the time the IT team spent on ‘no value added’ operations, allowing them to refocus on delivering value to the business, reducing wasted time by 12.5%.

“We spent too much time on troubleshooting, identifying and solving applications performance problems,” said Gianfranco Scocco, CIO at Coopservice. “We needed to find a solution to quickly reduce incidents and continually align application performance with business objectives. Our goal was to be close to zero regarding the number of helpdesk tickets on applications performance.”

The successful deployment of SAP, Lync and cloud HR apps was also achieved without impacting end-users’ working day, reducing application performance issues to near zero. Providing excellent quality of service to the users located at headquarters, small branch offices or on site, the deployment also allowed the IT team to have full visibility over the network, prioritizing users of critical applications over the network above less critical traffic.

“With Ipanema, we can guarantee performances of SAP and HR applications, whatever the end-users usages, and have no more network related applications issues,” confirmed Scocco.” Our network costs were also heavily reduced, avoiding unnecessary bandwidth upgrades, with a 50% reduction in network link cost in some cases.

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