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Planet | RF Planning and Optimization

Deliver faster wireless networks

Product overview

Precise RF planning and optimization based on the most relevant data and highly accurate modeling is the key to completing your next wireless network project on time and within budget.
Used alone or as part of our suite of network lifecycle automation tools, Planet, Ellipse, Geodata and Vista Experience provide the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of design, optimization and analytics tools for RAN to accelerate your wireless project and have a real impact on network experience for your users. Infovista's complete insight across RF planning from outdoor to indoor and optimization all the way to testing with TEMS means we understand your entire network lifecycle like no other technology partner - allowing you to design and execute your network on 3G, 4G, 5G and beyond.
Leveraging decades of expertise in radio network modeling and optimization, our solutions help you to plan and deliver the best wireless networks - those that reliably provide the best subscriber performance, capacity and coverage at the lowest cost.

Highlights and innovations

One integrated 5G Solution

One integrated 5G solution

5G introduces disruptive technologies such as multi-beams active antennas, massive-MIMO that can dynamically steer radio energy where users are concentrated.

Infovista’s integrated 5G solution uniquely allows you to plan, design, test and optimize your 5G networks. Our Planet, TEMS and Vista Experience (VistaNEO) solutions provide unprecedented levels of accuracy and performance with the inclusion of a unique set of 3D, geolocation and automation capabilities, in every step of your network rollout.


Unified indoor / outdoor planning

Leveraging our partnership with iBwave and a track record in macro and in-building wireless design, we’ve launched a breakthough integrated solution to unify the design, planning and optimization of indoor and outdoor wireless networks. 

Allowing you to accelerate large multi-technology campus wireless network design, bridge the indoor/outdoor design gap and minimize site surveys, it provides accurate prediction, delivering flawless connectivity.

3D Planning & Optimization

3D planning & optimization

80% of mobile broadband traffic is generated across buildings with several floors, especially in profitable urban areas. Supported by our Skyline geodata, Planet provides unique planning capabilities for 5G to address this, such as:

  • 3D RF predictions & multipath propagation model
  • 3D indoor/outdoor analysis & statistics
  • Call trace-based geo-location (3D in-buildings) 
  • 3D traffic maps
  • 3D Monte Carlo simulations & ACP
RF Fingerprinting Geolocation

RF fingerprinting geolocation

Our RF planning and optimization offer highly accurate call geolocation capabilities that allow MNOs to understand the mobile traffic distribution on their networks and get subscriber-focused insights for efficient planning and optimization.
Planet and Vista Experience (VistaNEO) location intelligence rely on our advanced 3D RF fingerprinting algorithm applied on live measurements. Leveraging accurate call geolocation, MNOs gain holistic insights into network performance, subscriber experience and live traffic heatmaps throughout the network across various vendor areas.

Propagation Model Signatures

Propagation model signatures

MNOs often face the challenge to assign a correct propagation model to base station in order to ensure accurate coverage predictions over all environments where networks are deployed. This requires engineers to launch expensive, time consuming measurement campaigns that can lead to incorrect model assignments.
Planet’s innovative model signature automatically assigns the most appropriate propagation model available to ensure the most accurate coverage prediction. This drastically reduces the number of measurements – up to 50% – and accelerates planning activities along with a higher level of confidence in prediction accuracy.