Communications Service Provider Solutions

Complete network lifecycle management


It all seems so straightforward. To roll out your NFV, 5G and IoT networks smoothly, you need a quality, end-to-end solutions portfolio to plan, deploy and manage your vision. You require a robust next-generation mobile network that offers your customers and industry verticals premium services to ensure a brilliant user experience. Only Infovista provides the visibility and control that you need to deliver the next generation of connectivity.

We are the technology partner you can always rely on to help you navigate through SLA complexities and monetize your network data. Our unparalleled expertise means we can provide you with complete network lifecycle support from inception to operation.

Used alone or as part of our suite of network lifecycle automation tools, our solutions deliver:

  • Accurate network modeling (Planet)
  • Efficient drive testing (TEMS)
  • 24/7/365 service assurance and real-time analytics (VistaInsight)

No other global provider can offer communications service providers a complete solution that covers the entire lifecycle of your network.


Key Benefits

Adopt 5G early to retain high value customers

Adopt 5G early to retain high value customers

Model and plan your 5G network for early adoption of 5G technology to retain high value customers, attract new business, increase market share, and surpass the competition.

Test and optimize your network to improve customer experience

Test and optimize your network to improve customer experience

Strengthen your network performance and improve your decision making with automated drive testing, and better real-time root cause analysis. This will help to improve user experience and reduce your operating costs.

Assure your C-RAN and NFV networks

Assure your C-RAN and NFV networks

Boost your next-generation network performance from onboarding to operation, through network capacity optimization and performance assurance, reducing costs and repair time.

Enhance enterprise customer sessions performance

Enhance enterprise customer sessions performance

Apply a more granular and precise approach to application management to improve bandwidth use for your enterprise customers, resulting in an outstanding user experience.

Minimize SLA breaches for your enterprise customers.

Minimize SLA breaches for your enterprise customers

Differentiate your services, enhance enterprise service quality, automate customer SLA reporting, and minimize SLA violations for your enterprise customers through proactive management and service performance visibility in multi-tenant carrier ethernet and SD-WAN networks. Facilitate monetization of the network as a service over carrier ethernet, IP/MPLS and SD-WAN networks. Optimize costs and improve margins through our native multi-tenant support.

We know 5G. Explore our 5G trials and deployments.

Use Cases & Features


5G - Get to Market Faster

Design a radio network that enables better coverage and quality, and higher network capacity at a lower cost. Seize the 5G market opportunity sooner with faster differentiation

Service Level Agreement

Real-time Enterprise SLA Management

Enterprises (retail and carrier-to-carrier) require complete real-time visibility of their business services against the agreed SLAs. VistaInsight handles your enterprise-specific, complex SLA requirements through proactive management and real-time service performance visibility for each business service. A real-time view of business services minimizes SLA violations by matching service level objectives to specific network KPIs.

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Network troubleshooting & optimization

Your subscribers rely on your ability to identify and solve network problems quickly and reliably. It’s an integral part of the quality experience you need to provide as a communications service providers.

TEMS has in-depth testing capabilities, including application and network testing, providing you with the insights to efficiently optimize your subscriber experience. Working with the latest smartphones (including the iPhone), chipsets, mobile OSes, and supporting all the major OTT applications, TEMS has your future covered.