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SaaS for Network Performance Management Helps Mobile Operators Balance CAPEX

Cyril Doussau
Jul. 5 2016

As network technology evolves and subscribers' bandwidth demands grow, communications service providers (CSPs) often struggle to balance the financial strain and operational challenges that network overhauls create. This is especially true for smaller Tier 2 and Tier 3 mobile network operators (MNOs) that need to deliver 3G, LTE, VoLTE and wireless services to their highest-value VIP subscribers with reliable network performance. A big reason for this strain is the fact that new network technologies are adding complicated layers to the network that need to be managed. This leaves CSPs with increasingly cumbersome networks where quality of service (QoS) is exponentially more difficult to assure today than a decade ago. With the widespread implementation of 5G on the horizon, the burden of guaranteeing network performance will only get heavier.

Global Business NetworkRather than take on the increasingly resource-draining task of network performance management alone, these second- and third-tier providers need to look at software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. Specifically, CSPs need tools to perform network performance management in a market that demands fast solutions. The primary reason CSPs would explore using a SaaS model is that they are usually faced with CAPEX reduction as a result of the resource strain that accompanies network densification. By relying on SaaS to help with performance management, they can get access to “best-of-breed” tools while also alleviating stress on their bottom line by using an OPEX-based commercial model. In ROI analyses that we've completed, we've found that using SaaS at the network performance management level with factors like revenue protection and subscriber churn contributes to clear-cut OPEX savings. This is because CSPs are able to maintain or improve quality of service (QoS) for subscribers that work with smaller, SaaS-embracing operators. Analysys Mason predicts that 10 percent of the performance management market will soon be based on SaaS models like those offered by Infovista.

This is a relatively new phenomenon for MNOs, and Infovista has already emerged as a key player in the market: The same source has recognized Infovista as a leader in the network performance management segment for our ability to help MNOs meet their budgets while maintaining and building revenue. The reason for this is that Infovista has the most cloud-based service assurance projects and technology in production in the industry. Explore the network performance management solution offered by Infovista to help assure your networks using a unified tool with insight into all network layers. To learn more on this topic, read my interview with Comms MEA that explores the challenges of network performance management and how our software can offer a viable solution.

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