Accelerate monetization, cut costs, optimize quality: new NLA brochure

Andrew Baldock
Sep. 28 2021

Automation has been a target for network operators for many years now, and the growing complexity and fluidity of networks – as the industry adopts ever-increasing levels of virtualization – only increases the urgency of this. From optimizing network RoI, to accelerating network and service roll-outs, and monetizing advanced new revenue streams, automation today is critical to business success.

Today, advancements in key technologies – such as ML/AI; open and cloud-native architectures; and a maturing landscape of orchestration frameworks and capabilities – has finally brought the potential for a step-change in automation for the full network lifecycle, from planning to monetization. But network operators around the world continue to face ever-increasing OPEX bills; bringing together a fragmented vendor landscape, disparate architectures and legacy technologies is proving costly and time-consuming.

A new approach is needed. And the industry is thirsty for it, as demonstrated in a Network lifecycle automation: analysis from the field, a blog from earlier this year. This followed the commissioning of Forrester Consulting to interview 104 senior wireless strategy decision-makers around the world to investigate their understanding of Network Lifecycle Automation – or NLA – and how they plan to adopt it.

But what is Network Lifecycle Automation?

Network Lifecycle Automation: an end-to-end approach, from investment to monetization

Infovista is the world’s first independent software vendor providing a carrier-grade, cloud-native Network Lifecycle Automation platform designed for the 5G era. Our end-to-end solutions enable not only different teams within operations, but all of your departments – across planning, deployment, operations and monetization – to work with a single, interoperable platform of applications that we call the Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) portfolio.

NLA unlocks the full potential of 5G by dissolving traditional system silos, and augmenting processes across the lifecycle with insights, intelligence and automation so you can: accelerate network roll-outs while targeting investments for maximum returns; establish and protect new enterprise revenue streams; prioritize operations to optimize customer experience; and introduce automated decision-making to optimize costs without sacrificing performance. Plan and design Deploy and test Operate and support Report and monetize Device telemetry Trac and experience Configuration Faults Performance.

Wealth of context

Downloadable at a single click of a button, this brochure provides a wealth of context to the subject of Network Lifecycle Automation, outlining how, with access to such solutions, mobile network operators can:

  • Take profitable, reliable services to market first by automating every step of the way;
  • Apply their business insights and capabilities across phases without being constrained by functional silos;
  • Leverage multi-phase ‘traversal’ use cases;
  • Simplify and accelerate your automation journey with a step-by-step path that pays for itself;
  • Introduce customer intelligence into every phase of the network lifecycle; and
  • Improve RoI, accelerate roll-outs, reduce costs and enhance performance.

Download our brochure, Network Lifecycle Automation: Accelerate monetization while reducing costs, without compromising on quality. Also see our new series of blog posts, 5 reasons why Network Lifecycle Automation is important for 5G.

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