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Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) delivers a step-change in automation levels for your business, teams and processes across network planning & optimization, testing & deployment, and operations. It also unlocks new automation processes spanning these lifecycle phases by integrating our world-leading planning, testing and automated assurance systems with a single NLA Cloud Platform™, so your analytics, workflow management, AI/ML and user interface capabilities are shared across all your applications, planning to operations.

NLA enables innovative, rapidly deployable new use cases, like Smart CAPEX, 360° Assurance, and Automated Site Verification. The result is lower incremental OPEX and CAPEX, differentiated service quality and customer experience, and optimized network ROI.

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360° Assurance solutions

Real-time automated management and assurance of your essential services in one place



AI/ML-driven planning optimized to make smarter investment decisions and scale faster


Automated Site Verification

Automate your site acceptances for faster 5G rollouts


5G Solutions

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Can CSPs optimize 5G investment?

CSPs are continuing to invest aggressively in 5G network rollouts and now find they must better optimize planning, deployment and operations to meet ambitious return on investment (ROI) expectations. Many are turning to Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) as a new, systematic approach to realizing multi-phase and multi-silo automation use cases.

Excerpt from TM Forum analyst report surveying 93 CSPs worldwide

Can CSPs Optimize 5G investments? Survey preview

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Common platform across all Infovista solutions

A single cloud-native platform powers Infovista solutions across the full network lifecycle, including Infovista’s Planet AI-driven RF network planning, TEMS™ network testing and Ativa™ Suite for automated assurance and operation.

Through common platform functions, NLA Cloud Platform enables cross-product data correlation, automation and analytics to deliver unprecedented solutions and use cases, with new actionable insights that pave the way for zero-touch operations.

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Automate your 5G network drive testing

You can’t afford your highly qualified RF engineers to be driving around manually testing; it’s time to automate and make the cloud do the heavy lifting. Our Precision Drive Testing™ methodology transforms the drive testing process from being engineering-driven to AI/ML data-driven, from manual to autonomous, and from something only skilled engineers can do to something that can be done by anyone. All of which significantly reduce the time and cost of your 5G drive testing.

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Integrated 5G solutions for your entire network lifecycle

Every stage of deploying and operating your 5G network is critical to its success. Infovista’s integrated 5G solutions allow you to plan, optimize and assure your 5G network. Our Planet, TEMS™ and Ativa™ solution suites provide unprecedented levels of accuracy and performance with the inclusion of a unique set of 3D, geolocation and automation capabilities, for every step of your network rollout and operations.

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