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NLA Cloud Platform™

Infovista’s Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) Cloud Platform is an integrated, automated, open, interoperable, and cloud-native platform that powers all Infovista products including Planet AI-driven RF network planning, TEMS™ network testing and Ativa™ Suite for automated assurance and operations.

Whether deployed to power a single product, a suite of products, or cross-product solutions and use cases, the NLA Cloud Platform delivers core capabilities to support CSPs in their digital transformation.

Key benefits of the unified cloud-native platform include:

  • Scalability: microservice-based distributed architecture, functionally disaggregated and self-orchestrated, providing elastic scalability and optimized resource utilization
  • Openness: complete, extensible, open suite of adapters and parsers to collect data including from 3rd party solutions; Open APIs to provide open standard interfaces for data manipulation, import, and export
  • Interoperability: generic format data ingestion capabilities; standard bus interfaces for data streaming; open interfaces for integration with 3rd party solutions (e.g., orchestration, ticketing); full SDKs for platform and use case developments
  • Operational simplicity: rapid and seamless updates and fixes with CI/CD capabilities, single management system, easy to install, configure and maintain
  • Automation: of multi-source data management, workflows, analysis, and decisions for closed-loop self-optimization

Find out more about how NLA Cloud Platform can unlock actionable insight by breaking down traditional silos with its flexibility, futureproof architecture and more when you download our datasheet.