Infovista Receives 2014 Mobility Tech Zone Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award

Affandy Johan
Feb. 2 2015

As wireless technology evolves to 4G, LTE and beyond, we are seeing the demand for mobile data follow suit. With the exponential rise in traffic, it is essential that mobile operators continuously optimize their legacy and next-generation networks in order to ensure the consistent delivery of a high end-user quality of experience (QoE). At the same time, though, mobile operators must keep their costs in check, which can be a challenging balance to strike.

Xeus Pro, Infovista's RF optimization software solution, is helping many mobile operators achieve this balance with advanced troubleshooting and optimization capabilities. It allows RF engineers to collect, correlate and analyze millions of call traces, and translate this information into actionable, geo-located network intelligence. As a result, they can prioritize quality of service (QoS) troubleshooting activities for VIP customers, accelerate root cause analysis of RF performance problems, and analyze customer-impacting problems to quickly find and fix recurring issues.


Given the power of the Xeus Pro solution, I am happy to share that Infovista was recently recognized with a Mobility Tech Zone Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award. The annual program recognizes the innovation and support associated with delivering mobile services, and honors companies that are devoted to innovation as the industry evolves to wireless technologies and infrastructure.

As an example of the impact of Xeus Pro, Omani-based communications service provider (CSP) Nawras invested in the network optimization software to help manage the growing strain on its network. Infovista's solution has since helped Nawras improve all aspects of its network management, and eliminated the need to implement several different tools for daily engineering needs.

If you'd like to learn more, please visit the Infovista website, or click on the below assets:

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