Nawras Frees Up Capacity with Subscriber-Aware Network Optimization


As mobile operators deploy new technologies, like LTE and small cells, to stand up to capacity demands, their networks are becoming increasingly complex. This has presented a challenge to deliver consistent network performance and keep costs down, amid the mobile data deluge. One way to achieve this is through highly-detailed reporting on the network that allows mobile operators to not only ensure quality of service (QoS) management, but also the effective deployment of network investments that assist in supporting future capacity demands.  

A representative from Omani telecommunications company Nawras said that Xeus Pro has helped the company to do just that, comparing the solution to "a VIP lane in a crowded airport where you avoid all the hassle and get things done fast."

How is this achieved?

As my colleague, Andre Sequerah explains, Xeus Pro is a detailed, desktop-based tool that eases the work involved for RF engineers to process granular mobile subscriber data and, ultimately, use it to improve the end user quality of experience (QoE). It provides engineers with visibility into individual subscribers' service and network performance, even allowing them to prioritize troubleshooting VIP subscribers' QoS, so that important revenue streams are not lost.

The benefits attained by Nawras are typical for Infovista customers. Xeus Pro supports Nawras' technology upgrades and network optimization efforts, and because it integrates with Google Earth, Nawras has gained visibility into geographical topology and site details. What's more, Xeus Pro enhances the engineers' workflow with features like an intuitive interface and add-on modules that can be tailored to specific network needs.

As we told attendees at Mobile World Congress in February, Infovista will continue to scale Xeus Pro to the server level to further improve customer usability, and help communications service providers get maximum value out of their networks, while controlling costs and resource deployment.

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