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Subscriber-oriented Network Troubleshooting and Optimization

In a competitive environment where customer retention is key, mobile operators’ knowledge of subscribers’ experience and location over time and space is mandatory in order to meet subscribers’ network quality expectations.

In this video, Infovista expert, Regis Lerbour, Director of Planning & Optimization, discussed the VoLTE optimization challenges facing the operators today. In addition, he explained the importance of gaining visibility of the VoLTE network performance from both the network and the user’s perspective.

  • From tranditional network KPIs to subscriber-driven optimization
  • Mobile Call Traces for geolocated subscriber experience insights
  • The power of RF fingerprinting
  • Closing the loop with unified planning and optimization

You will also learn about how Infovista provides the unified planning and optimization solutions to help operators improve efficiency, enhance subscriber visibility, and ensure VoLTE QoE.