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Solution Brief

Reducing Service Outages and Degradation with End-to-End Mobile Service Assurance for Hybrid Networks

This Solution Brief describes how to improve the mobile user experience by reducing service outages and degradations. One key step is to unify all current network performance tools under a single, end-to-end mobile service assurance solution. This simplifies the OSS, empowers all teams with the visibility needed to monitor global service quality indicators in real time; and encourages collaboration for proactive problem resolution and prevention, even in the more complex, cross-domain scenarios (from the RAN to the backhaul to the core).

It also discusses the critical success factors and features that an end-to-end mobile network performance management solution must provide; and explain how Infovista’s solution uniquely addresses them to provide mobile operators with the following benefits:

  • Quicker reaction times to detect and diagnose network outages and degradations, ensuring happier customers and mitigating churn
  • Prevention of direct revenue loss
  • Rationalization of costs via a number of direct and indirect CAPEX and OPEX gains