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On-demand Webinar

Paving the Way for 5G: C-RAN And Xhaul Service Assurance

Mobile Network Operators simply cannot unleash the tremendous speed and capacity of 5G network technology on the operations infrastructure without a great deal of preparation. And with approximately a two-year window before 5G is deployed at any meaningful scale, the time to prepare is now.

One important way to begin is to implement fronthaul and C-RAN technologies now, as they will be central to the 5G architecture and are ready to serve. With this early start, service providers can implement the tools and best practices to assure services across these domains ahead of 5G. Join the webinar to gain a better understanding of Xhaul and C-RAN architectures and how to assure the end-to-end performance of services across them. Learn how visibility across the RAN, C-RAN, fronthaul, backhaul, and the core networks will help pave the way for a smooth migration to 5G.

This webinar will address:

  • What new operations challenges are posed by the transition to 5G?
  • What is Xhaul and C-RAN Service Assurance? How to address RAN transformation challenges?
  • How a real-time dynamic service assurance system uses open APIs to ensure a seamless transition to virtualized networks?
  • How Infovista can provide end-to-end network performance insights to support 5G preparation?