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Infovista announces availability of Ativa™ Automated Assurance and Operations suite with catalog of use case-based solutions

Cloud-native by design, Ativa™ suite enables CSPs and enterprises to automate 5G slicing operations, IoT, voice, broadband, enterprise services across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure

Paris, France – 14th July 2022Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation (NLA), today announced the general availability of Infovista Ativa™, its new suite of cloud-native applications for Automated Assurance and Operations of cloudified, fixed, IP and wireless networks. Infovista Ativa combines – in a single cloud-native framework – traditionally separate Assurance and Operations capabilities such as customer and device; service and application; network resource performance and fault monitoring and analytics. This integrated approach to Automated Assurance and Operations enables CSPs and enterprises to address the unique challenges of programmable cloudified networks, reducing OPEX and accelerating monetization through advanced automation.

The cloud-native suite enables customers to automate within and between silos to deliver 360° visibility and automation across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure. Ativa combines customer experience intelligence; application and service intelligence; and network intelligence with automated operations to support end to end Automated Assurance and Operations use cases. Based on a shared platform for AI/ML analytics, process and network automation, geo-mapping and user interface management, Ativa enables pre-configured, outcome-based solutions designed to support specific end-to-end operational processes and business outcomes. Use case-based solutions powered by Ativa include customer experience and device analytics, network segment performance management, IoT assurance, Smart CAPEX allocation, and predictive SLA management. 

Ativa leverages advanced technologies and methodologies such as AIOps, zero-touch configuration, active assurance and workflow automation, to deliver a set of pre-configured, outcome-based solutions designed to deliver specific operational and business benefits.  

“For operators today, Automated Assurance and Operations is business-critical, enabling them to unlock their networks’ potential to deliver new business at scale by addressing the significant complexity of operations for cloudified networks. It is not only a question of increasing automation though. It takes a complete rethink of how we design, operate and iterate the associated tools and capabilities, from domain and technology-based, to outcomes-based,” said Renata Da Silva, VP Product, Service Assurance at Infovista. “Ativa, with its end-to-end outcome-based solutions empowered by advanced cloud-native technologies like AIOps, zero-touch configuration and workflow automation, quickly delivers our customers actionable intelligence and analytics, across experiences, services and network resources from a single pane of glass, designed to address the most urgent operational challenges faced by our customers today but as well prepare them for future needs.”

The Ativa use case-based solutions enable advanced Automated Assurance and Operations for specific network and service operations scenarios, including: 

  • 360° Assurance for 5G Slicing, supporting automated network slice SLA management
  • 5G Standalone network monitoring and assurance
  • Advanced customer and device analytics
  • Operational smart CAPEX allocation for ROI optimization
  • B2B services, like VPN and SD-WAN assurance
  • IoT service monitoring and assurance
  • VoLTE and VoNR service monitoring and assurance
  • Fixed and mobile broadband service monitoring and assurance
  • Roaming and interconnect service monitoring and assurance 

The Ativa suite is powered by a common cloud platform – the network lifecycle automation (NLA) cloud platform – enabling 360° Assurance use cases that include workflows and automation between Ativa applications and external systems. 360° Assurance solutions include capabilities supporting automation across monitoring, detection, troubleshooting, issue resolution and validation, for specific network and operations scenarios. These capabilities include shared engines for network and service modeling; predictive and prescriptive analytics; workflow management and root cause analysis; and connectors for 3rd party network and service managers, controllers, orchestrators and trouble ticketing management systems. 

The Infovista Ativa suite of applications can be deployed independently or in combination, and includes:

  • Ativa Net for cross-domain visibility of network resources and infrastructure performance. It correlates network services, VNFs and infrastructure for rapid troubleshooting
  • Ativa App for cross-domain visibility of subscriber-facing and resource-facing services. It proactively monitors and troubleshoots QoS and enterprise SLAs across wireless and wireline
  • Ativa Experience for cross-domain visibility of perceived subscriber experience, including deep packet analysis
  • Ativa Automated Ops for automated AI/ML-driven predictive analytics; network and service orchestrator interoperability; zero-touch resource configuration; NOC/SOC workflow automation; and active testing and validation

Infovista will discuss the latest industry developments around service assurance and the wider operational ecosystem and demo how Ativa solutions can support broader business processes and outcomes in a TM Forum webinar, Automated Assurance & Operations: A blueprint for 5G monetization.

To register for the webinar on 28 July 2022, please visit TM Forum registration page

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