Infovista collaborates with Google Cloud to drive intelligence across all network operations

Thibaut Becherel
May. 6 2022

Analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data are fundamental to Communications Service Providers’ (CSP) ability to correlate subscriber experience, service quality and resource performance. They’re a prerequisite for not only driving greater operational efficiencies and flexibilities, but also creating more unified and compelling experiences for customers.

That’s why today we’re delighted to announce that our cloud-native network lifecycle automation (NLA) platform will leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure and its advanced data analytics and AI/ML tools to continue offering CSPs the end-to-end, 360° intelligence across their entire network operations.

Collaborating with Google Cloud to make the most of their advanced services and our NLA approach will continue to give CSPs the intelligence they need to drive operations across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure.

Our collaboration with Google Cloud will see cloud-native solutions from across our planning, testing and assurance and operations portfolio leverage Google Cloud’s AI/ML and data analytics capabilities to deliver even more automation across CSPs’ network lifecycle.

We also intend, by utilizing industry standard Open APIs and software development kits, to enable Google Cloud customers to extend the available catalogue of pre-configured Infovista solutions and build their own applications and use cases. 

We’re delighted to be further extending the scale and reach of our cloud-native by-design NLA portfolio, and putting automation, AI and analytics at the heart of CSPs’ network planning, deployment and operations.

To find out more about Infovista collaboration with Google Cloud, please visit Google Cloud’s page.

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