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A Machine Learning Approach for Network Centric Voice Quality Testing

Infovista has been testing voice quality in mobile networks for over 20 years.

Recently we have developed a method of testing voice quality from a network perspective, called sQLEAR. 

The method ignores the influence of the handset and only looks at the way the network itself can affect voice quality. 

To do this we have made use of our huge library of voice samples and applied Machine Learning to see how various aspects of the network affect how listening quality is perceived by customers.

After extensive testing and validation with some of the largest players in the telecommunications industry, we are pleased to make sQLEAR available to the wider public.

The following Webinar explains:

  • Key benefits of using a network-centric approach
  • How we used machine learning to predict voice quality
  • The results of lab and field trials validation results from customers
  • Various test scenarios supported by sQLEAR

Find out how sQLEAR can be used in this webinar: “A Machine Learning Approach for Network Centric Voice Quality Testing”